Sea, Missions, 3ds and Duo’s!

Mini FFXI Updates.

Ciermel and Maiev, Duo Sharks, Limbus, Taru of Fenrir

Not too much into productivity. Farming Organs, farming LB paper.. Limbo.. typical routine. CoP again ^_^ for Sakurakun~

CoP Final Battle, FFXI Maiev, Tazo and Sakurakun

Jeuno’s pretty nice heh, I always liked this battlefield. Too bad no BCNM is in it :) rofl ^^.

When I’m bored…

I just goto check server log and see what people’s querying to get to this blog… usually its pretty normal stuff but in today’s search, someone queried..

How to make Nidhogg phail, Dragon's Aery of FFXI

How to make Nidhogg flail rofl w. Okay I just hope this isn’t on our server, else got some drama coming up! SE really need to fix those end-game cluttered crap… cuz it really creates a lot of tension around all servers. If they fix Thief Knife, its time to fix a Ridill.

I had a dream… (pics from BG forum)

Yellow Fafnir, Dreaming, FFXI Meme

because we need this….

Ridill, Fafnir, FFXI Meme

K lets rerail! When I’m bored… I do this too ‘~”

Maya 3ds Max, FFXI Character Rendering, Maiev, Tazo, Istari and Farkee

If you haven’t already notice, the header randomizes. This was just the making of one header. ^_^. Mmkay no more procrastinating!

Personal Rant (Should skip if you don’t like dramas)

I need to find a palce to let it out..

On the side note, some people left our LS in a pretty dishonest matter. So much for “I’ve dropped my pearl”, but gave himself “special acecss rights” to view our private forum.

So what happened today was I was clicking server logs and clicked into “Who login in the last 24 hours”, I found Grimace.. kay.. What’s so interesting about our “Public Forum?” I mean you can view that forum publically… so I went on to investigate forum access rights. To my surprirse someone has modified or given special access rights. (Special access rights override defaults), I click and … its really sad to foud out its Grimace. No wonder you need to login to your own account to view our “public forums”, because you gave yourself special rights before you left, so you had to use your own account. Very dishonest. I really wanted to just drop everything he fucked up but this little basdard is going a bit too far.

I had a really good Easter-egg hunt. I hunt all our Eggs (Sea pop back). So after all those drama you stir up (RMTing Novio, which is now with Resin along with all his blm gear), RMTing gear when Weeber/Istari quits (When he gave his gear to me and I lend them out). I honestly would have dropped it if you didn’t do dirty things. I mean its not so much about what’s in the forum, but the “fact” that you gave yourself special access rights, that part is what /disgusted. So… in the end, we lost nothing while you lost everything, friends that played with you for the last few years, trust, and your lol Earring. Its nice to know who will leaves the LS when we “say” “we lost our Love pop” ^_^. True color revealed of who’s really in it for the linkshell, and those that are in it for the loot.

DuckHUNT's recovered sea pops, Maiev FFXI of Fenrir, Ciermel

Sorry I couldn’t let you know earlier we had our love pop before you decide to “Drop the Sack” :( I mean sea pop’s so easy to farm too.. but nice to know da truth. Sorry for emo post, I gave warnings and I just can’t help it.

Zelda – Link to the Past

Zelda DS, Pulling the Sword from the Forest

I saw this on sale, so brought it just for some entertainment. I played this back in 1993. I was like a kid and these puzzles was considered mad hard to me.

Zelda, Link in the Past, Dark World

I’m currently on the Lv5 dark world dungeon. With only 2 bottles, it was pretty hard :( I had to almost AoE Bombs on most floors to save my pots for the boss! Well there’s a trick ‘-‘ if you freeze your enemy then use magic hammer to hit them, they turn into ethers. So it wasn’t that bad to AoE on every floor.

But honestly I didn’t know how I beat that game when I was a kid. It wasn’t really difficult to me, but to a kid … imo it was :D. I remember it took me ages to figure out Dungeon 4, where you use the Big Key to free the princess… I was like wtf do I want to do with a princess… the puzzle was you have to use bomb to blow a hole, then bring the princess to the light so it changes to a boss!

More Zelda next time :D

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