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Finally an Onion post!

Its been awhile I’ve done any blogging. I lost my habit somehow. But since Farkee wanted me to.. so I did! Well the reason I haven’t been blogging is mostly due to a busy school schedule! Stuff are near the end so lots and lots of stuff to do / hand in. The other thing is… don’t know, many friends either don’t play anymore or quit. I lost quite a bit of interest but nevertheless, its still there. I won’t start another MMO though, FFXI would be the last game I’d play. Anyhow..

Kicking Emos!

One big problem of ducks is… there’s emo ducks. When I say ducks, its Seijuro Muffie and Rakueru. In short, they are motivated by loot! Honestly, its hard to kick people but.. when they…

  1. Muffie emo on a Novio drop that belongs to GW (GuessWho’s love pop) because no one told “them” about its GW’s pop, so we said reveal our point system and make everything more clear!
  2. Seijuro emo on Justice Torque “during Justice” because he wants it so bad but don’t have enough points! So he go send tells distracting everyone, causing us to wipe and loosing the pop we need to pop love soo…we reveal how we sort items and a point system.
  3. Rakueru emo on us only doing Omega because he needs Ultima pants and only attended 33% of all LS events. So we did more Omega.
  4. Seijuro emo on today’s Omega because he isn’t getting everything he wants (Homam Body/Pants) when both drops.

So what can we do more? Nuffin… they just won’t shut up… so… our police removed them from the shell.

A few words: Item is their Salary, so if you want them in your LS, I assured they will work hard but just make sure you have items prepared for them! Like A LOT!!! They are item whores, and will EMO if its not nicely prepared :) I’ve had enough, so if you want, {You can have it}. They are hard working people … they are good *minus the item part*. ;o

Mai’s Rant on the Patch…

Everyone talks about it… so what do I have to say??! Um…

  1. Signet enhancements is good for my parrying skillup (Coolness +5)
  2. Changing Exp/Merit status anywhere (Coolness +1)
    All SE did was
    AllowMeritChange_OutsideMog=1 (from 0)
  3. No Exp loss in CoP Missions (Coolness +1) – Since I have to do CoP for the 10th time soon!
  4. Changing Alky’s pop condition (Coolness -20) – I bought it 8 months ago for some amazing price.. now its only.. 1/100 of its price.
  5. New Assault that is doable in small party (Coolness + 0) – No time to play, meaningless.
  6. World Shifter (Coolness +10) – Jowy can join the Fenrir crowd!

Overall: Coolness -3, this patch failed imo! There’s always people that bitch, and this time its me again (last time was Kclub…!) Not only it failed… SE is now so sneaky… that it scans for Windower!

POL Blocked by Process Guard, FFXI PlayOnline Viewer Login

A few things you want to look at:

I mean sure if you don’t use 3rd party stuff, its no problem. But when SE considers Windower as a 3rd party tool, there’s a problem, and gives them enough reason to kiss your account goodbye. I’d suggest you take the percausion and securing your Windower to be read by POL.

Interesting Stuff from MaiTalu:

First of all, I needed to catch up on my anime craving so… I just start clicking em! :)

Anime Craving, Downloading Bleach and Naruto

Secondly ‘-‘ I bought a Skype phone :) Its kinda cool. It provides a jack for landline, so I can use the same phone to receive both “real” calls and “internet” calls :) Its a nice phone if you are looking for some replacement :)

Vtech's Skype Phone Product Picture

& one of my favorite videos, its GOOD 100% guarantee! Glad I found it on Youtube. Its in Korean, so I don’t understand either, but just watching it is good enough :3

The ending so… ; ; Anyhow! Random funny links!

  • Pretty random lol videos from “askaninja.com” :D [More details…]
  • Ghost ride: Climb out of his car while driving and… lol! Watch it on YouTube.

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