I kicked someone from Mai Linkshell.


Yasashii, Removed from DuckHUNT, Fenrir

Removing my 1st LS Member from DuckHUNT

I feel pretty… bad for executing power. By doing that, I made someone a sad panda. This is my first time exercise the power I have… since DH was created (8 months).

I feel like I’ve taken a lot of burden out of many members. Some see it as “he was asking for it”, others were like “well deserved”. I feel like I’ve done a very big favor for everyone but…. at the same time.

He might be smashing his computer, getting all pissed because he was removed from the Linkshell. I feel bad :/

As a linkshell leader, I feel that its my responsibility to welcome and motivate members to attend events, keep it operational and provide guidelines to overcome more challenges, but at the same time, its also my responsibility to keep it as a healthy environment and an enjoyable atmosphere which everyone can relax after a day of hard work.

Being a leader isn’t easy, and I’ve seek for numerous advices (mostly from Vryali), of how he operates Magitek. He’s kick people before and whenever I think about that, it makes me feel “less bad” about it.

Sometimes I think… “Its just a video game, take it easy on people”. I’d like to think that way but sometimes, people are like… “Wow, its so easy to be a dick behind the keyboard, lets be one”. This specific person I kick, knew one of the sack of DuckHUNT in real life, and I can’t stop thinking that he’s abusing that relationship, thinking that “Sackholder” will be able to protect him should anything happens.

I did make it hard for that Sacks… but I got to look at it from the big picture. I can’t keep this one person just because someone likes him, and continue to allow him to do harm, and emo…

So I execute power … for the first time. I feel bad but I hope I did the right thing, and hope Jesus agrees with me.

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