You would want to play FFXI more after watching GT’s FFXI Trailer!

Seriously… makes you wanna play FFXI after you watch this!
Thx to my bf: Istari for this link!

Balak, Horrible Leader in FFXI Salvage

Fukin noob leading Salvage = anger!

Stupid ppl Emo’s

and yea.. some people suck in making parties… thf whm blm brd nin war // rdm blm… I’m the damn rdm and cross-healing in Salvage. The reason I got was “to refresh the blm”, which haven’t even got a Magic Cell after 50 minutes.. and I’m typing my ass off cross healing… I’m already really tired, and they aren’t making it any easier.

Some people are just horrible leaders imo… I’m not the best, but I am certainly better, to at least put myself in other people’s shoes and realize what’s work best… typing this post during Salvage.. massively irritated and tired.

I want to fireflies out.


So apparently after god damn 80 minutes, I was asked to swap over to MAIN PARTY, after 80 minutes their brain snap and just clicked.. after 80 minutes of typing names and heal.. I was asked to swap over… and I didn’t even get to refresh my blm at all… don’t ask why, MP was never lowered.

6 Responses to “You would want to play FFXI more after watching GT’s FFXI Trailer!”

  1. Jowah says:

    Bah, that setup……….RDM is one of they keys in salv -_-
    Slap and eat those ppl pls

  2. …awesome, that’s a badass vid! @.@
    I really enjoyed listening to the actual pronounciation of in-game stuff like places etc … because I’m weird like that xD thanks for sharing(‘-‘)b

  3. Jowah says:

    “actual pronounciation of in-game stuff like places”


  4. Maiev says:

    lol… yea i love that dude’s pronunciation on things xD

  5. Farkee says:

    man maiev.. i watched it.. made me wanna play again >:O i hate you! lol

  6. Maiev says:

    omg its “teh” Farkee eating noodle!


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