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RL Linkshell Vacation

Ducks Vacation! DuckHUNT Vacation #1 Logging off Ventrilo is a little bit different than all the ones I did for the past 5 years. When I say “See you tomorrow!”, its actually not seeing them in-game pixelated character tomorrow, but in real life. The idea of LS Vacation isn’t new, but for most people.. its […]

Yuukino and Balmoral’s Weddings a More!

Congrats on Ciermel for being an excellent host for Balmoral and Yuukino’s wedding!! we all took out our summer festival attire for the wedding ^_^ it was all ciermel’s idea. dont we all look cute =D there’s the two couple. Yuukino is the one in white and balmoral is the little taru smn =D after […]

Ouryu Cometh! Yesh!

Ouryu Cometh! Title: Ouryu Cometh! LOL Finally we got this… its pretty tough to explain Ouryu to a ton of people when its their first time. Regardless, after 2 previous experiments, we’ve finally got it nailed down. Its one of the greatest barrier for me but I’m glad its finally over with. I did not […]

Tanked Mai LBC for 25 Robe!

Mai tanking the LBC for Mai Robe! An Unexpected LBC. Tonight was like ugh… well no events so I kinda like waited for Salvage… but when Salvage comes, I was like um… nobody was on so didn’t feel like going. Look again and Slycer/Cloud both didn’t feel like going so I was like ugh… I […]

Duckie Recruiting Spree, Lagsave and SS!

Doesn’t it look like our body is detached? I’ve been VV Busy :/ Like the title… its just going to be screenshot dumps :D I’ve been really busy IRL… so swamped that I literally got no time to even sit down and write a nice little post. So I’ll try to summarize my month of […]