RL Linkshell Vacation

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Ducks Vacation!

DuckHUNT Vacation #1

Logging off Ventrilo is a little bit different than all the ones I did for the past 5 years. When I say “See you tomorrow!”, its actually not seeing them in-game pixelated character tomorrow, but in real life.

The idea of LS Vacation isn’t new, but for most people.. its been very small scale, like meeting a few people or… just head to an expo hoping to bump into a few server friend. The only large-scale LS vacation that I knew… which was successful was the one in Magitek. I think they went outback and enjoy the jungle… with a ton of people. I heard it and I was so… jealous and told myself, if Mai LS and I are ever that close, I’d definitely do something like that! Here it is, in < 12hrs :) This isn't leading a linkshell event, but its "real" event. Its a lot more challenging than the virtual one but regardless, I'm excited to see all those people tomorrow! We're all going to take a plane, meet up in this magical place to have a great time. Going to see WHMes that I never Refreshed, Samurai's that I never hasted, BLM that I've once duo-ed a ton of exp with and last but not least, they will be seeing their bitchy DuckHUNT leader who've been bitching them all the way along... I think I'll get a beat ._. or get wasted... RL LS Vacation here I come ;)

2 Responses to “RL Linkshell Vacation”

  1. ClassicRed says:

    have fun~!!!

    (ps. we went rafting :p)

  2. Jowah says:

    Omg x.x
    I hope i’ll have some ls meeting one that would be really cool D:
    Envying you so much right now!


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