Yuukino and Balmoral’s Weddings a More!

Congrats on Ciermel for being an excellent host for Balmoral and Yuukino’s wedding!! we all took out our summer festival attire for the wedding ^_^

it was all ciermel’s idea. dont we all look cute =D

there’s the two couple. Yuukino is the one in white and balmoral is the little taru smn =D
after hosting a couple of DH weddings…i think the GM kind of recognized some of our names lol

the cutest smn taru and she’s a GM!

Ciermel also spent a lot of time working on her Pho house for Bal and Yuuki’s wedding! i was like complete stun when ciermel gave me a sneak preview a couple of months ago.

well anyway, other than wedding everything has been pretty much the same. me, i’ve just started another job – Dragoon!! Nyzle assault have been giving us some troubles on floor 100 with drops. So far after like 15-20 runs, we only got the Denali Bonnet. but after tonight, guess what XD!!!

i was happy to see that ciermel got the Goliard Chapeau. unfortunately, that same day the last piece for her morrigan hat drop toooooooo. so sad. ciermel been after that piece for such a long time =(. as for me, Zhayolm 6F froggie is being the stingiest SOB ever…

ciermel was so upset that she….

>_<… scary

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  1. Jowah says:

    Omg FFXI weddings <333! I want to marry Kerb again lul!
    I wish event was longer, even if i was superworried and kinda afraid to forget a line! @.@;

    Al pics look cute, and i see Suzulolo with no af body this time!


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