Duckie Recruiting Spree, Lagsave and SS!

the StarOnion Brigade, Maiev, Sakurakun

Doesn’t it look like our body is detached?

I’ve been VV Busy :/

Like the title… its just going to be screenshot dumps :D I’ve been really busy IRL… so swamped that I literally got no time to even sit down and write a nice little post. So I’ll try to summarize my month of adventuring both FFXI here!

Well first of all, not really FFXI related. Mai blog has ding Rank 4 on Google (just enter and search) :3 I wouldn’t have able to achieve that if Mai readers didn’t come and support it :) So a great thank you ^^;

Maiev, Etain, Kiss, FFXI

Etain’s naturally makes me work harder in Salv!

DH Wise

We’ve been doing some killings… not amazing or anything though.

  • Killed love that drops a polearm, although it dropped crap :( we had a lot of fun on vent.
  • Did some Sky. Drop was okay but we had fun.
  • Killed Kirin that drops 2x N.Body.
  • WHILE we kill Kirin, too many so we took a team to camp Shigi Weapon and got Yingyang Robe for someone’s 7th job lol…
  • We’ve also got Bubian who accidentally shot Nemis Arrow towards our Feeler Antlion so we pretty much lost a Rostrum Pumps (sometimes, having a relic isn’t a good idea. The ability to 1 bang stuff means if you make a mistake, its GG).
  • Win some Jar, loose some Jar, but I did find out, Ghost are pretty easily kited in Einherjar even when weakened.

Salvage Wise

Yuukino, Maiev, FFXI, Fenrir

I <3 Yuukino

Mai Friends/Achievement.

Hope you enjoyed my SS-dump style update! *the lazy method* xD

5 Responses to “Duckie Recruiting Spree, Lagsave and SS!”

  1. Etain says:

    Keiffaz a duck too now! :o So many people I know joining/applying to you guys lately! :O

  2. Maiev says:

    Haha Keiffa is in duck as a social member, so he’s pretty much just got a pearl to chat :) might be a full time member later but he can pick what he want :)

  3. Aene says:

    I can see your hooha :(

  4. Jowah says:

    I wanr your macha’s D: congratulations!
    And sometimes i REALLY wish i were in fenrir to join duckies :< Oh well

  5. Aeyze says:

    Gimme Macha’s coat plz D:
    We have such bad droprates on 35s in salvage. (something that I seem to constantly bemoan on peoples blogs lol, maybe I should stop that)

    Anywho, looks like fun times! :3


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