Ouryu Cometh! Yesh!

Ouryu, 18 man, DuckHUNT, Fenrir, MaievOuryu Cometh!

Title: Ouryu Cometh!

LOL Finally we got this… its pretty tough to explain Ouryu to a ton of people when its their first time. Regardless, after 2 previous experiments, we’ve finally got it nailed down. Its one of the greatest barrier for me but I’m glad its finally over with.

I did not realize Ouryu could be quite challenging. Before, I was doing it with a Pro group. You being new with 17 others who fought it before (Pros) makes it easy but, when you are the only one who fought it and you have to explain it to 17 others, its pretty difficult. Even I was struggling pinpointing the right strat, but thank god everything worked.

One thing I really enjoyed, was we bought a Ranger. Bubian was just killing worms like EP’s lol… as long as its Silenced. It was ass raping :D Fuk the whole WHM/BST charm thing, Bard charms. Ranger shoot it down ftw lol!

FFXIAH Script, Websites and BlogsFFXIAH Add-ons!

We got some pretty good stuff… too! (Note: Highlighting the link only!)

Then we made some progression to Einherjar. With the new ampules being awarded per mob killed and the new non-emo linking system, its pretty easy now. Although I do think it takes the challenge out of Einherjar, but at the same time, its a pretty reasonable adjustment for social shell like us. We got some gewd stuff :D Even Hero’s Reflections! Tier 3 Ready! :O!

Note: If you want that “Link thing” above, read more about it on the FFXIAH blog. If you are a forum admin, all you have to do is add that piece of code onto one of your template’s header or somewhere where it reads on every page, and all the link to ffxiah would be nicely translated :) It works for everything, as long as you can insert a piece of code onto the header (I guess that includes MySpace too… not sure because I don’t use one).

Limbus Turtle Manaburned, ApollyonLimbo Turtle Manaburned!

Limbus NW Turtle lol

Then the other day, we had a ton of spare BLM, we just did a roflcopter NW run. We would just run around and 1 nuke KO stuff. Remember that Kaiser Behemoth? We all timed nuke and it was literally 50% after 1 spell. That thing died in 3 minutes lol… it was unbelievable. Wasn’t challenging but killing everything on the way is sure fun and enjoyable :)

We still manage to cash like nearly 6 ABC per member as a linkshell. Not too shibby ;)

PS: See that Roranora in that SS? Yes, that’s me on Rora. Its long story that I’d like to spend a post doing story telling someday but pretty much Roranora is Maiev :)

RL Busy

I’ve been so busy… its not even remotely imaginable. But mostly due to my new interest in aviation/flying. I just ding into my 5th hour of actual flying and I’ve been enjoying every single aspect of it :) Every second of free time, I’d either by

  • Reading/Studying about Aviation
  • Doing LS Events
  • Maintaining Score Sheet for DuckHUNT or
  • Planning DuckHUNT trip

This new hobby (which may turn into a career) is keeping me busy in the nice way ^^;

Evenings been so busy… I haven’t had anytime to sit down and write blogs. But don’t worry. I didn’t go flip to play WoW. I just don’t have the time to write haha! I lav FF and Mai readers :) No worry! Okay, time to sleep :O! Flying lesson tomorrow (Yes Shaya, that’s why I can’t drink at night… I don’t want to crash a plane to your home lol)

7 Responses to “Ouryu Cometh! Yesh!”

  1. Jowah says:

    I hope you dont nuke on Af2 hat :\

  2. Etain says:

    Thanks for the info on the tooltip (I shamefully admit I don’t regularly read the FFXIAH blog). Gonna try putting that code in on my lunch hour and see how it works! :o

    Ouryu is a fun fight. :3 I haven’t done it in ages (obviously) but that, Bahamut, and Ultima/Omega are probably my favorite fights in the game. Grats on your win!

    (Your Roramule still needs to synth my ingots! :X)

  3. scragg says:

    Looks like I need to tweak the css on the tooltip

  4. Lokyar says:

    Gratz on the burnination, and thanks for the heads up on the ffxiah tool.

  5. Maiev says:

    Haha @ Jowy maybe.

    Scragg’s working on it so err, might be broken from time to time like now lol!

  6. ClassicRed says:

    Grats on your Ouryu Kirr! Q(‘.’Q)


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