Better Late than Never

ok, so maybe its been a little while since i made a post but this one should end up being pretty long so that should balance it out right?

let’s see, where to start? well i guess i’ll start with this:

Captain Wildcat Badge, Elysia FFXI

hurray! i finished all the assaults. we decided to take 6 people and jump into the tier 10s. it went pretty smoothly, we needed two shots at khimera, we died the first time, but won easily when we decided to just kite the goblin around instead of killing him. we also needed two (maybe three?) shots at dracula, but even though we lost our frist time, we were laughing pretty hard at the copies of jet and kyle, and at getting turned into bats. the king goldemar one was a little harder, and we had to take three or four shots at it but we won when i took a smn for the magic defense bonus, even though admittedly i did scoff at the idea of bringing a summoner at first. i was forced to eat my words XD
we’re still having a problem with cerberus though, we’ve lost to him two or three times now, and can’t seem to come up with a good idea to take him out. i just happened to have done that assault a long time ago in a pick up group but i don’t really remember the strat we had, although i do remember that we barely won it.

Elysia FFXI Fenrir

Elysia Kylex FFXI Fenrir

scholar is going well, and pretty quick, a healer type job is always easier to get invites on XD although i get a little bored healing, its like rdm, i knew i’d like having the job when it was leveled, but i hated leveling it which is sort of how sch is, it basically just plays whm in party and doesn’t get to do much of its fun sch type stuff. i do like the helix spells which i just started getting. when i was using the first one i got, the earth one, on crawlers in the subterrane, they were landing for about 110 and i thought that was pretty cool XD

i finished up my af for sch pretty quick, its almost all just quests that involve alot of running around and checking spots that only appear at certain times or in certain weather or jump all over the place. but i got pretty lucky with them. the only fight was against a hume sch, who could of course use his charges and arts at free will, i mean, i can’t do it but sure, whatever. i did some pretty bad ass stuff in the cs’s though, like pop out with a protective strategm that knocked him on his ass when he tried to attack me! how come i don’t get that normally? HK and i duo’d him np on nin and rdm and i finished up my af, and i liked the story of the af too, that tells you why why sch’s ended up becoming banned in the future as an explination to why we didn’t have the job.

Elysia Hellknight FFXI Fenrir

so i’ve been taking the occasional break from leveling sch, when all the healing gets too much for me, and i solo’d drg up to 14. i’ve been a little torn over what to level, and i’m getting ‘suggested’ to that i should try pld! so i’ve been thinking about that too. i’m not sure if i’d like it, or if i’d even be good at it, but i’m definitely considering trying it out! drg didn’t turn out to be any less frustrating, i died about a million time on it, although i did find it pretty fun XD i thought it might be fun to try another job that didn’t have much responsibility, and that i could recycle a lot of my gear for :p

Leaping Lizzy FFXI Fenrir Elysia

for the record, lizzy was up for about 15 minutes unclaimed, i even started shouting that she was there and no one would come and kill her, finally a level 10 blu tried, and only won because a passing brd stopped to pl him through it.

speaking of nms, (nice segway there huh?) i was running through the jungle the other day and i passed the malboro nm, but it was just an overgrown rose, i had just dinged on sch, and stopped to test the helix spell i’d just got on a mandy since i hadn’t got to use it yet. i watched the mandy die and started to run off, but i noticed that while the mandy had been dying, the malboro had turned into rose garden nm. i thought i’d warp and change and see if it was still up when i got back, and it was, but alas no drop. in all my time playing though, i’ve never even seen that nm and i’ve checked for it quite a few times. i just liked how i got there at the exact right time to see it change XD

Elysia Rose Garden FFXI Fenrir

just recently there was a big update, with new gear and missions and crazy things added, and one of the things they did was change einherjar around to make the rewards better! i unfortunately don’t get to go much, only when hk’s ls goes and i don’t have anything to do. but at least now i get a few more ampuoles to store up when i do get to go, and can maybe one day get to go a little more, and maybe get the pretty blm cape :3

Ephram Aene Hellknight Maiev FFXI Fenrir Draci

the first thing i did after the update, was the quest to raise the level limit for my npc buddy! it’s a fight in a bc, against your npc buddy, so i figured it would be a joke! my level 65 npc with his gkt and tachi: koki’s and soothing healer-ness. but oh no, not at all! i went on drk figuring i could just take him out quick, but i get in there, and the first thing i notice is him dual wielding katanas, and thats when i start to get a little nervous… that can’t be good for my shadows, i think. then when i actually engage he starts breaking out with the ninjutsu, including ustsetsemi: ni. so i’m like, wow he’s a full out nin, and it turns out he’s pretty accurate, he’s chewing up my shadows! but i still figure i’m ok, i cast absorb acc and figure a guillotine will silence him. then he hits me with sleepga…. yes apparently he is /blm. it was a close fight, i won with 6 hp left and no shadows left. one more hit would have killed me. he even mijin gakure’d me for about 750, it was a pretty crazy fight!

Feliz Elysia FFXI Fenrir

Elysia Drk Feliz FFXI Fenrir

another thing they put in the update is this new nm system for gear that involves taking pictures of mobs for points and a whole stupid tier system that i won’t go into, but i did go and help with one of the nms, like the second day after the update. unfortunately we died, having no real idea what to expect, but it was still kind of cool to be a part of and see, the problem was an aoe charm move, that lead to some serious ass kicking on the squishy mages ; ;

Elysia Cryoul, Nephlkiem, FFXI Fenrir

Darrick, Elysia, Taz, Cyroul, FFXI Fenrir

they only gave us about 4 or 5 new missions with the update, and all but the last one were only cs. although, they were really really really awesome cs! but still, i felt a little ripped off that there wasn’t more to do. the cs also have a char thats dressed in dnc af and is extremely effeminate, has a lisp and holds his wrist all limp, which is only made funnier by the fact that he looks like kylex, and i know he’s gonna freak out when he sees the cs lol. :p the fight was a pretty big joke too, it was a dragon like the rank 3 dragon, and not really much harder than that, but it was fun to kill^^

Sibe Elysia Reye FFXI Fenrir

lets see, other stuff…..

limbus: no apollyon rng piece, grrrr
sky: autosort w. feet! convert piece maybe? 50k to uncurse, ew
dynamis: lol thf hands line again, secondary blm body, woot!
general: love my new sorc ring for blm! but hate the extra things i need to carry to force the latenet!

there’s your update!! i hope its good, even if it was just a little late :)

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