Ely’s Blog Redux (Not anymore with Maiev!)

So, something happened, its not worth discussion, but my blog was lost :( all my old posts are gone and now i’m forced to start over from square one (REALLY?!). I’m really upset that all my old posts are gone and i didn’t know if i could start over again. I wasn’t exactly getting a lot of support to start over either but… even though i didn’t post that much, i think i would really miss it, i know i miss my old posts already. Then i thought, what kind of person would i be, if every time i had a set back, i just said ‘forget this it’s too hard i’m not doing it now’? So here we are, starting over. Yes i’m sad that everything is gone, but why should that stop me from continuing right? I guess i’ll treat this post as if you’re coming here to see it for the first time, and try to sum up what it’s like to be elysia on the fenrir server!

This is me;

Elysia FFXI Fenrir

I’ve been playing for (i think) three years, always on fenrir. I started off just as confused and naive as anyone else, and although war was the first job i ever leveled, thf was the first job i took to 75. I did have my sub job when i was supposed to but i had no interest in unlocking nin and subbed war well into the 40s before someone sat me down and said ‘no, bad ely!’ I started playing with a couple of friends that i knew irl, and chose thf because historically i liked the thf characters in other SE games (think; Rikku, Kid etc) i leveled thf in a static with some of the people i met first starting, we had a whm rdm blm a pld a thf and a sam, i remember actually needing to make skillchains and to this day enpi > viperbite = distortion is like the only not t3 skillchain i know off by heart.

Elysia FFXI Fenrir

as much as i thought i’d never have room in my heart for another job, i’ve leveled 10 other jobs to 75 since starting. With so many jobs, and as much as i loved thf starting out, it hardly makes the cut when i’m thinking about what jobs i should try to gear better. The naivete has worn and the more jaded ely says ‘you have a thf knife and relic hands, you know that’s all that matters!’

I’m sure we all know that linkshells come and go and as i made new friends and leveled new jobs, (blm whm brd) i ended up in a social linkshell with some people i had met when i was trying to do my very first limit break quest back on thf! they were 75 and did all sorts of amazing stuff like SKY that was totally mind boggling to little me. They did teach me alot about how to play and what to use but they, like so many others are gone now!

Elysia FFXI Fenrir Bibikibay

I made new friends, that working together, got alot accomplished! things like sky, limbus, cop and even more that i had never even thought about before meeting them. We had a lot of fun and good times doing those things, and we still do, even though some of those things are behind us now! When i completed homam with them, it was one of my biggest personal accomplishments, not because its so hard, but because when i started as a christmas tree thf, i’d see thfs in homam gear and consider it an unreachable standard. We got alot of things done together and learned how to work well together too.

Limbus Temenos FFXI Fenrir Elysia

FFXI ToAU Mission Elysia FFXI Fenrir

This is HK;

Hellknight, PLD, FFXI Fenrir

its only fair to warn you now, that you’ll be hearing a lot about him! maybe even more then you hear about me. He’s the best PLD ever, but he has lots of jobs, just like me. He’ll always die trying to save me, and makes me pretty things in photoshop anytime i ask (see blog banner). HK is one of those people that drive you crazy because he’s good at everything he tries. But he always helps me out, he spends more time helping me then helping himself. We have all kinds of crazy adventures together, so yeah, there will be alot of stuff in this blog about him. There’s nothing i wouldn’t do for HK and nothing he wouldn’t do for me. Maybe that sounds cheesy but it doesn’t bother me, he’s the most amazing person ever and the most fun to be with, so be ready to know everything about him, because you will.

Hellknight and Elysia, FFXI Fenrir

Elysia Hellknight FFXI Fenrir

Elysia Hellknight FFXI Fenrir

This is my ls;

Maiev's LS DuckHUNT, FFXI Fenrir

i joined DuckHUNT after meeting HK in dynamis. DuckHUNT, run by a tarutaru call maiev does just about everything you could possibly think of. sea jar sky limbus hnms scnms they dabble in it all. Surprisingly maybe, its still (for the most part) really laid back with lots of free time. I haven’t been in that long officially, although i was coming around to some events before i joined, but i’ve had some amazing fun and done some great things i wouldn’t have otherwise been able to try. It’s a fun linkshell with fun people :)

Maiev's LS DuckHUNT, FFXI Fenrir

Jailer of Love FFXI Fenrir DuckHUNT

Odin FFXI Fenrir DuckHUNT

Maiev's DUckHUNT LS, FFXI Fenrir

Maiev's DuckHUNT LS, FFXI Fenrir Odin

Nidhogg DuckHUNT Fenrir

well i guess thats all for this new first post, its too bad all my old posts are gone, but i’m not going to stop playing and having fun, so i’m not going to stop sharing it with everyone else either!

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