Lots of things happened…

So! Lots of stuff happening i think since the last time i thought to post! For one thing i added a little sidebar on the blog that will show you all my gear sets, which i’m sure isn’t interesting to anyone but me, but still! XD it took forever to set them all up, and i may have worked on it during sky farming >.> i’m sure no one minded though, as long as i was plinking things!

So after all this time, i switched my dynamis lot back to thief, and after i did we went on a three run streak of armlets dropping and the last pair fell on my 30th day since switch and i got them! I’m happy that they finally dropped, i’m playing thf for alot of things now (obviously). So now i’m lotting whm in dyna, mostly because… even with all the jobs i have leveled, i’m still running out of things to lot!

I finally got sch up to 75, just like rdm its a main heal job for xping but i didnt mind, mostly i xp’d it with friends which took the edge off all the healing! Since apparently SE isn’t too big on giving old gear to new jobs, sch and dnc are left off all the old gear sets such as zenith, homam, nashira, god gear, etc. which meant that i had to go on an nm hunt for some MAB hands for my sch, since sch gets teir 4 nukes and MAB effects your helix spells as well. So HK and i headed out for Castle O in the past to farm some ‘gnat pellets’ off so yagudo. we went on nin and rdm the first time and we got up to the mobs that drop the pellets (on the ledge in the room above where fuma nm is in the present) i realized that these mobs conned a little higher then i’d been hoping. nin and sam type mobs that checked VT or so to us. Not to be deterred however, we pulled a nin and got to fighting. The fights were taking forever, in a 16 min pop cycle we could only take down 3 mobs. we were there for hours and even though i’d heard good things about a high drop rate, we weren’t getting any gnat pellets. we finally got a drop and we’d been there so long that we decided to just go pop the nm with our one pop, even tho it isn’t a guaranteed drop.

Elysia Hellknight FFXI Fenrir

so we went back to town and changed to duo the gnat nm on blms and hk brought along another character he has to hit it with some TH4 for me! everything was going fine until another regular gnat mob happened to fly over to where we were killing the nm and aggro us, and let me tell you something, normal gnat is about 1000x harder then nm gnat. i don’t know why this should be but anyways normal gnat killed us and the nm despawned at some sort of obnoxiously low hp, like 2%.

so after that i went really emo about the nm and said i didnt want to do it again because of all the time it took, but eventually we went back, this time we went on blm to kill the mobs that dropped the pop as well, and took the th4 and we went 3/4 on pop items with a much much easier time killing. the nm this time went smoothly too, the gnats didnt bother us and we went 1/3 on the vicious mufflers! so my sch got a nice piece and i was pretty happy!

Elysia Bloodlapper, FFXI Fenrir

I got to use my sch last night, for the second time since it hit 75 and it was alot of fun. As dumb as i think the new znm system is, there is no denying that the fights are alot of fun, and last night cheshire and afuce had pops for the marid! so i came to help on sch (soly came on smn too) and with chesh and afuce both rdm we used a dot/nuke kite method to kill him! i got to test my helix spells and since marids dont have an elemental resistance i just went with the helix of the element of the day, they were landing for 165-170 on the marid (unless he had his defense move up) and i think it was saving alot of time to have that high of a dot on it. i also let off a few tier 4 nukes and was suprised to see that i was hitting for around 1100. Chesh was really really really nice and let me lot the enfeebling skill feet and i was really really really happy!

Elysia Scholar FFXI Fenrir

we’ve tried a few of the znms, some going better than others, a disastrous attempt at smn burning the puk nm, we tried it again with a more regular pty set up and won (except my rng got its face clawed off!) we tried the chigoe and lost, that thing is a little terror, we tried to apkallu and won easily, that one was really fun the way it runs around, and we tried the cheese qiqirn after which we vowed to never do that one again, he’s a huge pain, running off and linking, dropping bombs it was awful, we completely zombied it down. i did end up trying the qiqirn again with another group that wanted to do it and it went only marginally better, they got lucky with losing aggro as they kited around the links. i even broke down and went out to take pictures to earn myself a pop item for tonight to try and get the smn headpiece for garuda!

Wipe Out FFXI Fenrir Elysia

Elysia in Salvage, FFXI Fenrir

the other thing i got to use sch for since getting it to 75, is tagging along on an ouryu bc, hk’s ls was getting bahamut version 2 pops! in that case rather than playing the blm ascpect of it i was there to give hk stoneskin and phalanx while he tanked! i can’t lie, it was sort of boring, just helping cure and giving light weather to the mages when i really needed something to do! it was a fun fight, and i like getting to do new things, so i had a good time!

Elysia Ouryu FFXI Fenrir

Elysia FFXI Ouryu Fenrir

Elysia Ouryu Hellknight FFXI Fenrir

i have merited a little, i capped out group 1 rdm, i had finished 5/5 vert awhile ago but i finished up 5/5 ice acc and i also finished out my combat merits with 8/8 scythe! i hate meriting its really boring for me, and i especially hate it when i have to do it on brd and i will only consent to gear up brd for my friends! so i’ve been continuing on with drg, and its up to 49! hk gave me some spiked finger gauntlets for my birthday and i can’t wait to ding into them! drg is alot of fun, even tho its alot alot alot alot of waiting for a party!

Elysia Roc FFXI Fenrir
(i know that looks like ‘picture unrelated’ but its the drg af mob >.>)

my rng af piece finally dropped and when i was re-questing it for storage, i headed to garlaige to pop a coffer and as i left..

Golden-Tongued Culberry Elysia FFXI Fenrir

just sitting there, no one in zone, so we came back and killed him, but didnt get anything good. then a couple weeks later, he was up all alone again! (i guess no one likes roc anymore) and this time i came to help on thf which i’d never fought him on before. his piercing damage weakness is crazy even just main handing a thief’s knife my weaponskills were really high, and even though i was dumping the weponskills onto the tank i was still stealing hate from regular meleeing, and not because i’m awesome of my thief gear is great, just because he takes piercing damage like, double at least probably!

LOL Golden Tongued Colberry Elysia FFXI Fenrir

man this is the longest update ever!

another new thing i helped out with was killing the nm that drops uggalepih pendant! that fight was alot of fun! blms running around kiting it and nuking, but it was hell on my blm buffer!! when that thing casts death sometimes you just can’t run fast enough! i didnt mind the dying though, because it was just alot of fun! the first time we tried we had no luck, but the second time he dropped twice! (all with nq pops) it was fun and good company, and easier than i had thought it might be, even with the deaths!

Elysia Aw'Euvhi FFXI Fenrir

Harp FFXI Fenrir Server

that fight however, made me realize that i really needed to invest in some hmp gear, since it was taking a long time for my mp to come back up as it was a fairly long fight, that little guy has alot of hp, and he cures himself! so i started buying/stealing off hk’s mules, for resting gear but the one thing i actually had to work for was my relaxing earring, which meant heading to sea to kill the pretty flowers! hk showed me where to go and we had a session of burning them down but the drop rate is pretty bad on those organs and so we had to leave long before i got the five i needed for the earring! so i went back later by myself, and frustratingly i died a few times but then kyle offered to help, and we tried it on his mnk and me as thf/dnc to heal, which was a new experience for me. it was a harsh learning curve and we died right off the bat, but we tried again and it actually worked really well! i got all my organs for my earring and kyle got some of the hq organs for jailer pops so it all worked out and now i have +27 hmp! not amazing, but better than what had!

Elysia Aweuvhi AlTaieu FFXI Fenrir

well thats pretty much everything!! i got a new piece of furniture for my mh!

FFXI Harp Fenrir Elysia

and just because i think it’s funny…

Jetre obtains a date, FFXI Fenrir

good for you jet!!

see you later!! <3

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