Nub DRK! Kill it with fire!!

well this shouldn’t be too long since i haven’t been up to much except for grinding out the levels on drk… 62 now, there seems to be no happy medium with invites, either i get ten as soon as i flag up or i sit around for four hours and get nothing, there’s no in between. i’m still enjoying it, it’s really alot of fun, and i’ve already started thinking about what gear i’ll need to buy for it at 75. This is also the first time i’ve ever bought gear and made a ws macro before the 70s. Usually i’m just so lazy about buying gear that i won’t use end game that i never bother with ws gear, but i like drk so much that i did!

Elysia and Chitlins, FFXI Fenrir

for the most part i’ve had good luck with parties, and with ninja tanks i expect to die once or twice, i never get mad. but apparently i’ve been making the nubbest of nub drk mistakes while xping. it’s true, sometimes, before i ws, i use souleater! if the mob is under 40% life, and i’m so inclined, i’ll use souleater, rock out my ws and then click it off. OMG. i didn’t really realize that this was such a fatal ‘lol-look-at-that-drk-she’s-so-nub’ mistake but on the other hand, i don’t really care if it is. its a game, and its fun to ws with it every once and a while in xp party. i mean if i tp’d with it every time it was up i’d maybe understand the criticism but ws with it at the most, what, every 7 min or so… is too fun for me not too do, so idc how lol you may think it is, cause i think it’s fun! plus i mean, at level 61, you can’t argue with results….

Elysia and Guillotine, FFXI Fenrir
Elysia and Guillotine, FFXI Fenrir

just for the record, i’m not mad XD if people think its dumb to use SE in xp parties, then good for them, i’m just making the point that it is a game, and i happen to find using it fun and so far haven’t had a party complain or ask me not to do it, if a whm asked, i would stop using it but until one does, i think it’s pretty fun and will continue to do it!

and for the record, that death was not a consequence of either of those ws lol

drk af i decided to only get the hands feet and head, conveniently enough, the non coffer pieces, since those are the pieces that you upgrade with limbus anyways, and even then i might chuck the feet and use heca instead, not because they’re better or worse but because they cost like, 500k to uncurse.. while i was farming up my mage blood i was starting to get a little annoyed because it probably took me an hour and a half to get it to drop.. in the meantime i manage to pop the valkyrie mask nm, since that place was deserted, but i didnt get the drop so that didn’t make me feel any better about how long it took me to get that stupid blood!

Elysia and Ga'Bhu Unvanquished, FFXI Fenrir

and just for a little perspective, i was doing a campaign battle the other day and ended up fighting right next to a drk that made me feel pretty lol x.x

well i read on wiki that the basty pasty quest ‘light in the darkness’ (or something like that) had a bc that was easily solable by most any 75. so i thought to myself, well i have lots of 75s! surely i can easily do this! well i went in, and its 10 quadav, which you only have to kill 7 of, all whm type with one that can benediction. so the bc drops you directly in the middle of these mobs, grouped up in two groups of three and a group of four. i went for a group of three to my right (rdm/blm) and started hacking away. well the first three went down pretty easily, so next i went for the group of four. now i must not have been paying close enough attention, because i took the quadav that can benny first (sapphire as opposed to sapphirine) and when it woke the other three i ran out of mp trying to get them back to sleep.

so on my second attempt, right off the bat i managed to aggro all ten quadav and warped out immediatly in a panic. after composing myself third time was a charm and i won easily, even though i managed to aggro six off the bat, i didn’t panic, i just slept them and killed them one at a time! i was pretty happy with myself, and got an adaman ingot for my troubles^^

i’ve gotten a few more new assaults done, we’re making quite the effort to get people ranked up since i think just about everyone is needing some sort of perdu weapon and only missing the rank to get it. i’m more concerned with getting new assaults done, but have also managed to rack up 12k mamool points for my amir feet, which i’m determined to get since i think i’ll probably have to wait a while for homam feet, but we’ll see. my favourite assault so far is one where you have to match the birds up and when you get it right they get little hearts over their heads, it was so cute!!

Elysia Taru and Lebros Apkallu, FFXI Fenrir

well i guess that’s it for today, except to tell you that plans are moving forward on my secret infiltration of the taru….

Elysia Taru FFXI Fenrir

Elysia and Thenick, FFXI Fenrir

oh one more thing! Az is awesome! :)

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