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WIP: LS Website v3 and misc…

DuckHUNT’s Website, Fenrir DuckHUNT Website v3 I think this is what I enjoy =) Creating things :D Well… with my amateur coding skills, I.. err pulled out something like this :D On the right was just me showcase-ing the website to my friends when they were over at my workplace. Obviously it needed some work, […]

MaiTaru 25″ Nashira Plushie

Maiev by Pandari RL Taru Plushie =) LOOKIE! :O haha yea, Mai Taru brought to life lol! This plushe was made by pandari on DeviantArt, took her a good 2 months to bring it to life! :O It didn’t really take the full 2 month but more like, waiting on the little materials and Chainwork. […]

Mai X’mas Card to FF Fwens + WoW Talks.

The “Adorable” Mai Xmas Card! It’s been awhile I did something FFXi related. Although it isn’t directly related to the actual playing of the character, it does in fact involve the people who play the game =) There’s a ton of SS to this post… hope you love clicking ^_^; Mai Christmas Gifts On the […]

The 3 Mini Xpac + Recheche’s AH Banner!

This post consists of both a highlight on some FFXI Dev Talks as well as FFXIAH UI Updates. FFXI Petisu Xmas by Tamura. The 3 FFXI Expansion So apparently this time’s storyline is backed by a pretty good scenario writer Katou, who did the scenario for Chrono Cross and Xenogeras… I doubt it’d be shitty. […]

FFXI Art Contest Winner (Mai Entry) + WoW Sex Change

Epic! by Lumient-Wolf Fanfest Contest I didn’t even know it was last Saturday and… was even over ‘.’ Hell even the winner was picked. “Epic” won :o! The art piece is on the right and clicking on it will goto the user’s DeviantArt page. I don’t really have much comment other than it does remind […]