Mai X’mas Card to FF Fwens + WoW Talks.

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The “Adorable” Mai Xmas Card!

It’s been awhile I did something FFXi related. Although it isn’t directly related to the actual playing of the character, it does in fact involve the people who play the game =)

There’s a ton of SS to this post… hope you love clicking ^_^;

Mai Christmas Gifts

On the right is just some of the stuff I made :) Made quite a few (sorry smudged up, lol @ Blackberry Bold Cameras), but assuming 50% will get mis-delivered or getting lost, then I really just have roughly 6-7 people that do see my newbie artwork.

The actual drawing is of course by Daggy… Mai favorite artist =)

I really enjoyed the process, as everyone that got one means something to me =) Well I wish I had Tsu and Istari’s real addy but they are too scared that I’d mail them bomb :/ so I guess that’s as far as it goes.. a Merry Christmas over E-mails.

They are all uniquely crafted, and is different on both page 3/4. It took me a whole weekend sitting at home doing it… I don’t know maybe I was just procrastinating, but turning white paper into that.. many seemed discouraging at first but got em all done! Regardless, they are all equally cool! (At least I think LOL)

Was quite happy with the surprises I get from them so far, got a few comment but I guess Etain like it the most so far cuz she’s like…

I got your card! XD
<3 <3 <3 I laughed my ass off when I opened it up

Evilkid seems to be okay with it too… he just said “that’s crazy shit”… yet they are all the same… others dunno ‘.’

Did a few other nice things too, such as apologize to people that I always wanted to for the longest time =) for mean things that I might have done… and getting things squared out :) so yea, no grudges to the new year!

I even mailed one to… Sorasha, a cool artist who decided to also give me Christmas Gifts haha! (Ugh… now I got to think about Tazo’s gift, she bought me a Mario mushroom, the one that makes u huge. She gave me a big ass one that I can hug ‘.’ when I Zz IRL) ideas? :O I gave Tazo this last year :x (for those that don’t know, Tazo is my RL friend who also plays FFXi with me… well that’s the past now lol)

NAO! Time for WoW Updates.

the StarOnion, Maiev, WoW Sapp Lair

A Raid to the top of Naxxmarus Heroic!

My WoW for the past 1mth (in FF language)

I did quite a lot of quest, in fact I quested my way up to 80. (Which is kinda dumb in the end, cuz now I got to farm Instance for gear =_=;). But there was a ton of enjoyable quest. Burning people’s houses, shooting apple placed on someone’s head, or shooting invaders (reminds me shooting zergling as siege tanks!), collecting materials from mountain edges, flying over nice e-scenery such as the riverheart or like the icecrown (where the Frozen Throne resides.. I think)… there were quest such as riding a vehicle and bombing mobs that chases after you (kinda like riding chocobo, but you get more stuff to do other than the dig button), or set mines to blow up invaders (Assault: SUPPLY DELIVERY!!!)… or ride a drake for aerial combat. Questing is just like IMO… mini games of some of the assault mission (but you don’t need 6 like some assults.. all soloable, and its a little bit more fun.. well debatable but IMO its definitely fun that I’d never saw in FF).

the StarOnion, Maiev

Aerial Combat with 4 others, WotlK!

Lv80 & WotlK Instances

I level my Hunter purely on Exp ring (rest bar), took one full month and I finally ding Lv80 in an Instance which I was trying to level my pet (kinda like skilling up weapons… quite essential).

Instance wise, I think Blizzard did a great job not making it just another tank and spank thing. They added something call Vehicles, where you turn stuff like your transportation chocobo into something more, such as equipping them with weapons! This screenshot is a picture of us in an instance, all 5 people riding drakes, which doesn’t only fly, but got weapons. As you see, our bottom user interface is completely replaced with new abilities and weapons, and here is where we are using them on the right.

Its not just about spanking the mob, but we have 3 different drakes to choose from, each with unique abilities. I picked one with a Time Stop (treat it like a Stun), to stop nasty attack. Pretty neat! Well I haven’t been to all the instance, but will do slowly (with limited playtime!)

the StarOnion

Wintergrasp World PvP!

PvPing and Raids

Well no surprise, the usual AV farming comes back (I have to admit, its pretty boring now, still beats Salvage though lol) but then there’s a new world PvP call WinterGrasp, pretty fun (norhing like Campaign Battle… LOL). For those who knows Helms Deep from LotK, its kinda like that. One faction say Alliance, defend. Well the Horde attacks. We get stuff like Siege Weapons and such and our objective is to breach into the center and jack the relic. Its actually strategic too. Such as focusing forces and… knowing when to fall back.

The attacking faction gotta break walls, but if you’re defending, there are portals that gets you behind walls :) Very nicely designed. When I did mines, the Alliance didn’t do a good job… so here’s their relic and all the alliance defending… and there, all alliance are dead and we jacked it LOL! Lots of skelly on the ground!

If this is something that interest you, well there’s a BG version of Wintergrasp, call Defend of Ancients or something, forgot exact name lol! Still, there are siege tanks to ride! And you will also have to defend, like me shooting rockets to those fail face.

Raid wise… it’s going pretty good I suppose. Started off newbie Naxxmarus Heroic (25man version). Fought this twin boss, which was fun to watch. Then we got to fight the whole Polarity Switch boss again. Believe it or not, people can easily fuk up =_=; causing a wipe… well basically, every 30sec, you get a new debuff. If you have a + debuff, you gotta stand with the other + people, vice versa with -. So we said, —- BOSS ++++ (meaning if you have +, you stand on the right)… and yea, even with arrow guidance, people can still get it wrong =_=; lol @ wow. Well with a few tries we got it with no fuckups… then ported up for Sapphiron, didn’t go too well… :x

Also went to beat the Sartharion Lair… which I thought was pretty fun =) Raids aren’t dynamis… its actually FUN, like what you do makes a difference… its that important to teamwork. Unlike dynamis, its more like… u aren’t really that important.. just refresh and don’t aggro and you’d get ur stuff kinda thing… well that summarize my WoW in a month =) I got to sleep so… Merry Christmas ok? :)

22 Responses to “Mai X’mas Card to FF Fwens + WoW Talks.”

  1. Etain says:

    It’s Strand of the Ancients, you nub! <3

    My card is sitting next to my computer monitor, btw. :D So I can look at it and smile while Blood Elf Death Knights Death Grip me across the Borean Tundra~. :)

  2. Kimiko says:

    Awww, that is just absolutly adorable Maiev!

  3. Evilkid says:

    You guys don’t want to know what’s inside if you’re wondering, its one fukin crazy card.

  4. Kimiko says:

    Oh now we do… /grin

  5. ClassicRed says:

    <3 <3 <3’d Your card ~ Made me LOL for real ~ I has it hanging on the wall next to my monitor :3 ; ; You hasn’t been on AIM since I got it :( cat is sad~!

  6. Maiev says:

    haha =) thanks for the <3<3 and... I've been on aim, but somehow the only person I see is Hellknight and Etain :3... so I guess my AIM's busted on blackberry :x

  7. Jowah says:

    OMG I got mine like 10 mins ago <3<3<3<3
    It’s soooo awesome and cutie i attached it to wall :3
    thank you <3

  8. Maiev says:

    haha that’s the most <3 <3 I've seen from jowy =P im happie u liked it too! *grin at the back*

  9. Nelle says:

    Happy Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful day! X

  10. Bubian says:

    Thanks for the card Mai, I couldn’t stop laughing, my fiance loved it too. In fact, I think its the only thing about ffxi she likes now lol.

    See you at my wedding in January, Merry Christmas and a very happy New year!


    p.s. gl on that license ;p (and no, I don’t mean his driver’s license)

  11. Farkee says:


    the inside made her laugh but she was concerned someone in canada was sending me that kind of stuff :P

    cant wait to house you!!

  12. Calaera says:

    :D Merry Christmas Maiev! I hope you have a very safe and enjoyable one this year! <3

  13. Ciermel says:

    yeah thanks mai for the card ^^
    merry christmas to you too ^^


  14. Maiev says:

    haha glad everyone liked it so far =) seems like most girls got it but the guys… dunno… not many made it through

    maybe the mailman was like wow, this is so gay, how can it be for a dude *takes it home*

    not much luck for the other guys yet :D

  15. Shaya says:

    Thanks for the card failface~
    Merry xmas ^.^

    BTW make CC to go Dizney too.

  16. Maiev says:

    1. Your Late (Its Dec27), fail +1
    2. You fail to convince CC to go, fail +1
    3. Calling me a failface for a sexy xmas card, fail +1

    You fail Shaya =P

  17. Maiev says:

    So um.. cards that got lost includes:

    Cloudstah, Zimph, Vryali, Keiffa…

    Um… I guess the mailman was like wow so gay, how can this be even sent to a guy

    *jacks the card* =)

    Sorry for those that didn’t get it :D

  18. Tazo says:

    Umm… where’s mine?

  19. Roranora says:

    yea maiev sent me his taru naked ‘.’ it was awful. do not be envious……. well err it was cool! kinda.

    ok shit you got me.

  20. Sorasha says:

    Thank you so much for the adorable Christmas card!!! I loved how you put many pics of Sorasha on there, and some of my art! you’re such a sweet person!

  21. coocoobird says:



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