MaiTaru 25″ Nashira Plushie

FFXI Plushie, Maiev

Maiev by Pandari

RL Taru Plushie =)

LOOKIE! :O haha yea, Mai Taru brought to life lol! This plushe was made by pandari on DeviantArt, took her a good 2 months to bring it to life! :O It didn’t really take the full 2 month but more like, waiting on the little materials and Chainwork.

The plushie stands 24″ tall. I put it beside my LCD for a good comparison. It’s pretty huge. All those little bags and pouches can really hold things, and no, it isn’t a goby bag so can’t hold bricks in it.


“She’s made out of flannel, moleskin, a nice thick cotton/rayon blend, wire, gold woven trim, gold bias tape, gold decorative trim, gold embossing foil, Jewelry stuff etc..”

The details are great :) Well of course I didn’t expect it to be super detail, but it was more detail than I expected :D those pants and shirts are all removable. It’s completely huggable :D Now if you ask if I hug Mai taru while I sleep? I’ll leave that up to you.

Best part is the hat :D it fits on my head LOL (Haloween materials!) You can see the fine hand-paint graphics. It’s certainly more epic than my 3ds rendering haha!

I really like the outcome :) so for those of you out there looking for ideas for FFXi-related gifts, well there you go. Btw, I still love FFXi, got more creation coming along :)

By the way… this 25″ Taru.. really feels like a Taru… almost life-size LOL.

FFXI Plushie, Maiev

Mai Plushie’s Permanent Home!

About Pandari

Pandari works best with fabric! After browsing around DA for plushie master, I settled with Pandari for Mai plushie creation project. I picked something I like… but it also happens to be one of the most detail armor in the game.. so it was quite a challenge. I did send her a smuch detail as possible though! She pulled it off beyond my satisfaction. Her communication was great too so.. you wouldn’t be left out of the loop. I mean afterall.. you’d like to know where your real gil is going to right? hehe

She also does small plushie, from key-chain size bubbily head to huge plushie like mines.

She prefers you to ask her the price, since it’s different for every project. But yea… certainly a critical strike to bank account haha. Well… I really liked it :D how about you? haha.

5 Responses to “MaiTaru 25″ Nashira Plushie”

  1. Jackalman says:

    This is very cool, and it came out great!

    Btw, more proof that Maiev is a taru irl, lol:

    “Best part is the hat :D it fits on my head LOL”

  2. Maiev says:

    Omg :x you’re mean to tarus… T_T
    but nice catch LOL :D
    and hi :D no time no see! Hope everything’s goin well over there too!

  3. Jackalman says:

    Yeah, I always troll your blog, so I’ll try to say hi a bit more often. ^^

    Lagsave is going well — we’re at 215 completed pieces now and 5 or 6 full sets. We’re still waiting on Powderkeg to give us CC’s pants, though. XD

  4. Kimiko says:

    I can has plushie kimi too? That is just adorable. =D

  5. Kyarutaru says:

    Oh how cute! ^_^ I do plushies too and have been planning on making a Kyaru plushie to give to my boyfriend (and IG husband) Clave sometime :3~~ Also been wanting to make a biiigggggg Leech plushie-pillow to squish on my bed x3~ would be so cute~


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