The 3 Mini Xpac + Recheche’s AH Banner!

This post consists of both a highlight on some FFXI Dev Talks as well as FFXIAH UI Updates.

FFXI Petisu Xmas, Tamura

FFXI Petisu Xmas by Tamura.

The 3 FFXI Expansion

So apparently this time’s storyline is backed by a pretty good scenario writer Katou, who did the scenario for Chrono Cross and Xenogeras… I doubt it’d be shitty. So hopefully I’d be something decent to play. (Lv75 version of CoP), not ToAU style.. cuz that was a little too easy, except maybe the last part.

Here are the articles for those that’s interested. (1st post, 2nd post).

Now that’s being said, here are a few notable points I like…

Is this something that core users can really sink their teeth into?

Fujito: I believe so. The premise was to have it encompass as many players as possible. Core users can set any preferred theme, and leave out whatever they wish. There is no required play style forced upon them from my end, so if they want something they can go at full strength, then why not put it in there?

What’s the target level?

Fujito: It’s for all levels. Party size is flexible too; you can have between 1 and 6 members. It will also receive some additions in the future. You’ll have an easier time clearing it with bigger parties, but it is certainly content that you can experience solo.

FFXI Happy Holiday

FFXI Happy Holiday by gem2nikis

In essence, will you expand the front-line utility of White Mages and Red Mages?

Gondai: This isn’t something where people can expect to move up front and deal out damage. This is something that will produce some beneficial result from striking the enemy. Now, there will still be times where your party will tell you to move back, but we hope with these additions, there will be situations where your party will want to invite you up front to melee the enemy. We’re thinking of how we can produce these situations.

(Mai: So… we are going to get melee attacks that does something like Sunder Armor? Hit 5 times and you’d get a significant reduction in defense? ‘.’)

Like, for example, a new Weaponskill for White Mages that restores MP. Is that along the lines of what you’re thinking?

Gondai: Yes, like that. Other jobs can restore their own MP, so we are thinking of a White Mage getting the chance to melee up front while being able to keep their own MP up.

(Mai: LOL OMG… I can imagine WHM bringing out their Kclubs, wacking away feeding it TP for MP!!)

Christmas Banner, FFXIAH, Recheche

Possibly a new Banner on AH by Recheche.

AH Spotlight

First thing is, I’m excited for the drawing done by Recheche. She made a banner but now just have to see if the AH staff likes it ‘.’ I think it’s great, and could use a little bit more festive! Anyway…

There’s been quite a few changes (well.. Scragg’s been quite pissed with people quitting/selling accounts after obtaining relic). Would have gotten a few more features if he isn’t spending his time that can be used for coding just pissed off -_-; but for those that haven’t clicked enough, here’s a few notable changes.

It seems like the Achievement Points is going to be based on purely “hard-earn achievements”. In WoW, you can get an achievement from doing lame stuff like “getting a haircut” or “falling 100ft without dying”, but from the AH developer perspective, they want it as a measurement of “real achievements”. However, with limited amount of reliable sources (pretty much only the information available on LSCom), they don’t really have much to work with… so unless Square-Enix expands the LSCom to also show stuff such as merits, it seems like it’s going to stay this way =)

I’d like to see stuff tuned for casual players, such as obtaining classic GOOD items, like Rare/Ex Leaping Boots, Rare/Ex Emperor Pin… so hopefully they’d come revisit this idea someday!

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  1. Kimiko says:

    Ewww… I’m like #5540 (just over 30,000 points). Got a lot of catching up to do on my end. ^^;

  2. Etain says:

    While I really like the visual achievements tab now, I think it’s dumb that one rank (SE’s stupid Captain bug on the LS Community) is screwing me by 1000 points. :x

    (And it’s falling and surviving 65 feet, not 100 ;) I got mine by surviving a stupid fall in Stormwind Harbor. XD)


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