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.. better drop in xarc tonight or i’ll be pissed. ranger is *ding* 64 but i’ve been having some bad luck with parties lately, i’m getting invites ok, if only the parties were decent or lasted longer than 20 minutes. but its going ok :) Nephtis made me a behemoth ring for when i hit […]

She’s Like, So Whatever

Well today lets start with some ss’s of people who i’ve partied with over the last few months who probably need a lesson or two on what their jobs should be wearing. Ok, this blm. Elvaan, straight mp gear, i know elvaan have crap mp but they have crap INT too and at the end […]

No One Likes a Ranger

Before anything else i must start off with this…. lol now my proof is posted for the world to see…. or at least the like, four people who read this. So leveling rng is really hard, i want to say i’ve never had so much trouble getting party invites, i staticed thf most of the […]

Ely Dress Up Doll

So here’s a post about my jobs, what equipment i have for them, what equipment i still need to get for them and the things i’d love that i have little to no chance of ever obtaining :) if you think i’ve missed something, done something wrong, then feel free to leave a comment on […]

lol updates

Who would have thought that one little update would so shake the world? after the spectacular mess that was the 08/27/07 update things have started to calm back down. a little. the complete overpoweringness (totally not a word) of two handed weapons is going to be addressed, and duh, seriously did you really think all […]