No One Likes a Ranger

Before anything else i must start off with this….
Kylex, FFXI Fenrir

lol now my proof is posted for the world to see…. or at least the like, four people who read this.

So leveling rng is really hard, i want to say i’ve never had so much trouble getting party invites, i staticed thf most of the way to 75, to the 70’s at least and blm sucked during ‘the colibri levels’ but this is like, a million times worse. i know i should just make my own parties but ugh. i’m not giving up i’m just annoyed. plus the last couple of days it seems like every time i flag up someone needs some help. i don’t mind helping i just havent had much time to seek. yesterday neph tried to make a party for us but it ended up failing pretty hard, its not his fault though, on paper it should have been a good party. as a side note, if you have a party chat macro for every single spell you cast ‘hey slow down there !’ and job ability you use and worse if you have stuff like ‘provoke ready’ ‘utsusemi ready’ in your party chat instead of echos, please uninstall your game. i’m not joking, no one needs to see that shit.
so that didn’t go well but it was nice of neph to try so its ok^^

i managed to pick up af2 feet for rng in tavnazia the other night lol so thats good those will be waiting when i ever get that high.

so the last couple days i’ve killed a couple nms that i’ve never killed before, not hard ones or anything but still interesting. on my way to help with xotol yesterday i stumbled across a linkshell fighting tiamat. now i know you’ll probably laugh but, i’ve never even seen tiamat before so i stopped to watch. now although i didn’t conciously think not to do it, as you can see from my ss at the bottom of the post, i was pretty far away and i was in front of her but that didn’t stop this from happening…
Elysia was defeated by Tiamat!

yeah, ow my face. and i felt retarded for dying cause i was standing around watching. and no i wasnt outside curing or anything like that, that shit just hits you if you’re near it. someone said it was a flail, my log filters things that are started on outside players so i suppose it was but for real ow.

so then we got to xotol and it popped in its last possible window for the second day in a row. melee got charmed and destroyed me in about three seconds lol, but the next night we killed it, only silly hats though! suprise suprise, but i’ve never had his title so i was happy.

and the other nm was roc, i know what kind of lame person has never fought him, well me. another pty wiped to him and we killed him so i got to be a roc star which was cool, but we didnt get a drop so poor neph :(

last night jet got his amir boots (yay jet grats!) then we went out to kill colibri to try and get my lvl on rng, but they were only 15xp a piece and jet has to rest alot (silly pld) and at one point he almost ate it to a colibiri which would have been funny but he managed to live through it :p
thanks for the level jet^^

one last thing, after one of the best merit parties ever the other night, two chain 100 + (i’ve never seen someone destroy a colibiri like thenick o.o) i finished off my convert recast timer for rdm, down to 8:15 recast and its a really noticible difference and i’m glad i put 5 merits into it, next is slow 2 and probably phalanx 2 because jet keeps giving me the puppy dog eyes for it^^

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