.. better drop in xarc tonight or i’ll be pissed.

ranger is *ding* 64 but i’ve been having some bad luck with parties lately, i’m getting invites ok, if only the parties were decent or lasted longer than 20 minutes. but its going ok :) Nephtis made me a behemoth ring for when i hit 70 and i bought a hq one off a shout yesterday for 70k less than ah price, i’m sure he knows something i dont and the price is about to bottom right out, thats my awesome luck :)

So it took a lot longer then i thought it would but i finally did it. i shot my Patriarch Protector’s Arrow by mistake. So since my cp sucks and basty won’t be in first for who knows how long, i used my one time only, get something back from a gm. well they haven’t given it back yet, but i asked. the funny thing was, at the end of our conversation he asked me if i knew about the ‘return home to vana’deil’ program, and told me to tell anyone i knew that had quit and wanted to return about it. it was like an advertisement in my gm call, it was really weird.
hmmmm i thought i had a ss of the conversation with him, but i must have hit the wrong button, he kept calling me ‘Bard, Elysia’ too, is that just something they do or maybe he was just a really nerdy gm, who knows?

I got my musical earring (samno lent me coins yay (heart)) and my yigit gomleck so my brd is a happy camper now, well i’d like the af2 pants, mahatma slops are pretty ugly, but i have to be a dynamis point whore until i get my thf hands. Thanks to jetty and samno for doing that stupid chigoe assault with me to get it^^

Speaking of assault we tried Nyzul Isle for the first time, its a ton of fun, we had a great time doing it and trying to figure out what we were doing, so far we’ve only gotten to the tenth floor but its really fun and it counts towards rank ups, so yay for that too. Its nice to do something thats fun and productive, theres way too much in this game thats more obligation than anything and doing something where we could run around and have a good time was a nice change of pace.

We were skilling up this weekend and i said, ‘we should go do apocalypse nigh!’ and what do you know, we really went and did it. i went in, fully expecting to not beat it i know it can be a really hard fight, but we completely ruined it, we beat it in five minutes and no one even hit the yellow, our whm chubbyhuggs still had almost 1k mp when we were done. so i waited for jp midnight and yay now i have a magnetic earring! it was really really hard to pass up the ethereal earring even if i dont really have a job that benefits from it, it just seems like such a good earring if i ever have a job that could use it lol.

i’m thinking of lvling smn again >.> talk me out of it fast please! i dont know what i’m thinking lol. its just, i have all the summons, i even have the evoker’s ring already…..

i really need to do the fenrir fight again, i need the earring when rng hits 70, but you know what? its going to be just like the uggy pendant, even tho its not active all the time, i’ll wear it all the time, because i’m lazy and forgetful, but idc :3

i need to raise 800k for cursed slacks, donate to the ‘get ely some ugly green pants fund’ today

Elysia FFXI

Valhala Stuck in a Hole

our limbus ls did ultima and even tho we did a really good job for our first time, with 13 people who had never done the fight before, we still lost and it was very disappointing, it would have been cool if we’d won, just we could have said we did. but hopefully we can next time^^ i ate a ton of deaths on that fight, and learned that yes there is such a thing as double weakened, and no you cannot nuke for any damage if you happen to be double weakened XD

other points of interest… did bomb queen for the first time, we got 5 rings or so i think, avengers only dropped once. i was on brd and had to party hop to ballad two parties while i tried to two box kyle on mnk for dd since he couldnt come and i was popping his ring for him, we did a good job though and banged them out really fast and its always fun to do a fight you never have before, too bad theres no title for it! Finally done camping xoltol every day, but kyle got some bandomusha kote out of it so i guess it was at least sort of worth it. :p too bad the p.harpe never dropped, it would have been awesome to see that. fought cassie for the first time too, didnt’ kill her, but fought her, trying to do it with two thfs, a rdm and a whm but it just didnt work out, we kept wiping at >10% and that sleep move that will hit you in fucking xarcabard can go to hell too.

well thats all for today, wish me luck for thf hands tonight, 99th run since the last pair dropped, i pretty much have to get lucky, right?

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