She’s Like, So Whatever

Well today lets start with some ss’s of people who i’ve partied with over the last few months who probably need a lesson or two on what their jobs should be wearing.

Black Mage WTF Equipment, FFXi

Ok, this blm. Elvaan, straight mp gear, i know elvaan have crap mp but they have crap INT too and at the end of the day thats a way bigger deal on blm. Also see the dark staff? thats the ONLY staff in their inventory. when i asked if they forgot their elemental staves they dropped party. this is made worse by the fact that i know i’ve seen this person on 70+ smn, so they don’t have the staves for that either. and last i saw this blm had gotten into the 70s, whoever let them xp in thier parties, shame on you.

Monk WTF Equipment FFXI
Not so bad, and i dont know alot about mnk, but the belt right? not just for ws, for full time tp and stuffs, i mean isnt the brown belt better for tps? if he was just asuran fisting in the life belt then that would be the cools cause that thing has lots of hits and stuffs, but no, tping too, tsk tsk

Samurai WTF Equipment FFXI

lol greak katana, the whole time. nuff said

Paladin WTF Equipment FFXI

Oh god i dont know where to start. This guy would make a pld like jetty sick to his stomach. Wore the vermy full time and melee’d with the club, whipped out with a Black Halo even, luls? beastly earring and minuet earring (no brd) behemoth mantle (+hp) and left the reraise gorget on the whole time, also made the party (caedarva mire) with rdm, blm, smn, pld, drk and drg too much refresh x.x i dc’d after 30 min :3

if she had gear, i could mock it. rse, that cap, qiqirn sash, spirit torque and a mana ring. i have no doubt she could get to 75 like this, people think they can’t live without refresh.
Again, no doubt she got to 75 like this, cause she’s whm. besides the choco whistle and the signal pearl its not like theres anything wrong with what she does have but wheres the rest of it? and no light staff either. what kind of whm doesnt buy a light staff? seriously?!?

Ok, lets move on to some stuff thats funny for different reasons shall we?

LOL Hasso Macros, FFXI

i don’t even get this… is ‘hasso’ supposed to sound like ‘hassle’? and if so why is it a hassle? they dont like pushing a button to activate the ability? i’m lost

this is by far not the worst one of these i’ve seen, just the only one i happen to have documented. why do summoners do this? why? ; ;

LOL Bats and Utsusemi

Bats – they see through Utsusemi.


I saw my friend Muninn on my friends list on fairy server, when i asked him what he was doing on there, this was my answer.

Show your Tits, FFXI

mt the first time…. the second time?

Elysia's Chat, FFXI

kyle can’t do sudoku, apparently neither can neph

Elysia sucking Men's Dick, FFXI

i’m not, i swear.

Nephtis Loves Penis

Neph loves penis

Disgusting Nephtis

And has has a sore bum too

FFXI Elysia

and he’s not the only one, although this one is apparently different in nature

FFXI Elysia
don’t know… don’t want to know

FFXI Elysia
at least now i know what it’s safe for me to talk about

FFXI Elysia

that’s me, so cold hearted ; ;

anyways thats all i got for now, i’ll make a real update full of exciting adventures really soon <3

edit: i had to change some ss to thumbs because they were cut off by the edge and i have no clue how to fix that

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