lol updates

Who would have thought that one little update would so shake the world? after the spectacular mess that was the 08/27/07 update things have started to calm back down. a little. the complete overpoweringness (totally not a word) of two handed weapons is going to be addressed, and duh, seriously did you really think all that was intentional?? i mean seriously, do they even have people testing these updates before they release them to the general community? tsk. but whatever, soon all will be as it should. probably.

so the least concerning of the update was the cor boost which i thought would make my brd fail, but it seems to not be such a concern, so i’m not too worried.

So about my rng, yeah, i’ve kind of hit a brick wall here, invites aren’t exactly flowing in, you know what i mean? its annoying, i really want to level, but i’ll keep on persevering, no i’m not going to quit rng to all you people who think i’m just going to give it up *cough*ben*cough*

i did sell my thf stuff though, because you know what? not only am i sick of unsolicited advice from every angle about what i should be using for gear but seriously, with all my other jobs and my better merited jobs my thf is nothing but th to be brought out when necessary anyways, and more so when i get my thf hands, god willing. or for soloing, and i honestly don’t need sweet gear to impress myself, cause i know i’m great, amirite? anyways. the biggest flaw in my thf gear, which is now pretty mediocore but above what i see some people running around in, is my daggers which will suck, i sold my blau but i have sirroco and i have my thf knife, which i’ll have to use most of the time anyways, and i can always grab a magnet knife or something if i’m not soloing.
as a side note, before any one person reads that and thinks ‘oh she didnt want my advice blah blah’ i assure you there was WAY more than any one person going ‘you should have this’ ‘where’s this?’ ‘why don’t you wear this?’ ‘get this’ so i’m not singling out anyone or trying to offend anyone, i love you all

with all my mages and rng up and coming, putting thf on the back burner just seemed like the thing to do.

So i’d really like to finish my third INT merit before rdm hits 75 (70 now) and i’m saving two attribute merits for str for rng. and speaking of rng someone invite me to a party please, i hate making my own parties, seriously i do :(

also i want to buy an osode for rng and brd. i can afford it now, but i don’t want to go over 4 mil for it, i saw one today for 5 but the guy wouldnt bargain with me, jerk.

in recent developments dynamis tavnazia was pretty sweet, we won the zone, no thf hands though (lol surprise!) not that i expected them there but i couldn’t help but hope a little bit. other than that not too much, limbus is limbus, fun but no blm makes me a sad panda seeing as how my hat is the weakest point in my blm set up, and at this point i’m thinking relic will come sooner. but i’ve been having fun and tonight is sky farming but hopefully before that i’ll get a freaking party on my ranger.

i want to finish up toau (just two more fights) for my rng ring, i think we’re going to catch up ben and kyle and do it together, which is just fine by me :)

oh one last thing! me and kyle had the worlds worst merit pty yesterday and he died 3 times and i completely forgot to get even a single ss for the gallery. i must be slipping.

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