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So here’s a post about my jobs, what equipment i have for them, what equipment i still need to get for them and the things i’d love that i have little to no chance of ever obtaining :) if you think i’ve missed something, done something wrong, then feel free to leave a comment on it, i’m putting them in order of jobs that need the least work (imo) to the jobs that need the most. These are only my 75 jobs, including rdm which is close enough.

Black Mage
Regular Nuking Gear:
HQ staves (except water)
Bugard Strap +1
Phantom Tathlum
Wizards Petasos
Uggalepih Pendant/Philomath Stole
Moldavite Earring/Loquacious Earring
Igqira Weskit
Zenith Mitts
Tamas Ring/Snow Ring
Prism Cape
Penitant’s Rope/ Wind, Ice, Lightning Obis
Mahatma Slops/Sorcer’s Tonban
Yigit Crackows

If i need an elemental set up i can swap in Elite Beret +1, Elemental Torque, and Wizard’s Cuffs
For Enfeebling Gear i swap in Igqira Tiara, Wizard’s Coat, Igqira Lappa and Spider Torque.
For Dark Magic (drain aspir) i have a Dark Torque and Wizard’s Tonban

My real downfall on blm is that i have no resting gear, just Errant Body and Pluto Staff, and Black cloak for refresh

Now what i’m missing, that i think is within reason for me to obtain would be Wizard’s Petasos +1 and Sorcer’s Petasos other than that i’m hard pressed to think of anything i might need for blm oh, and Neptune’s staff i suppose. Maybe Sorcer’s Ring, but i’m iffy on that one.

Things i’d love that i’ll never get for blm: Genie Weskit, Morrigans body, Morrigans slops and Novio Earring.

White Mage
Regular Healing Gear:
Templar Mace/Numinous Shield
Hedgehog Bomb
Zenith Crown
Republic Gold Medal/Beak Necklace
Loquacious Earring/Insomnia Earring/Magician’s Earring (depend on sub)
Noble’s Tunic

Blessed Mitts
Serket Ring/Tamas Ring
Blue Cape
Hierarch Belt
Blessed Slacks
Rostram Pumps

I can use Elite Beret +1 for divine or enfeebling and i have an Aqua Ring if i need mind. i pretty much have no problem with my whm gear, i’m not a huge whm fan anyways and i like my mp set up for when i do have to use it

Red Mage
Well rdm has alot of gear, so i’ll just list everything i have and use, for enfeebling, nuking, mp, mnd and int set ups as well as vert set up

HQ staves, except for water
Buggard Leather Strap +1
Hedgehog Bomb/Phantom Tathlum
Warlock’s Chapeau/Elite Beret +1/Zenith Crown
Spider Torque/Elemental Torque/Dark Torque/Philomath Stole/Promise Badge/Republic Gold Medal
Loquacious Earring/Insomnia Earring/Geist Earrin/Phantom Earring/Moldavite Earring
Warlock’s Tabard/Errant Houpplande/Glamour Jupon/Vermillion Cloak
Marine F Gloves/Zenith Mitts
Tamas Ring/Serket Ring/Aqua Ring/Snow Ring
Prism Cape
Penitant’s Rope/Hierarch Belt
Mahatma Slops/Wise….pants
Yigit Crackows/Errant Feet

again, all this stuff is not too bad really, i mean its wal-mart but still, i would like some af2 almost all of it has some uses but things like the duelist tabard and chapeau will always be out of reach for me, unless i play for years still. I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head

Things i’d love for rdm i’ll never get: Crimson Legs, Duelist Chapaeu/Tabard

Buffing Gear:
Apollo’s/Terra Staff
Bugard Strap +1
Yes I have all my instruments
Raven Beret/Walhara Turban
Wind/String Torque
Loquacious Earring/Melody Earring +1 (x2)
Errant Houplande
Sha’ir Gages/Choral Cuffs
Tamas Ring/Trooper’s Ring
Jester’s Cape +1
Spectral Belt
Sha’ir Pants/Choral Cannions
Rostrum Pumps

For a Chr build i can swap in a Gleeman’s Belt, Star Necklace and Mahatma Slops (really i could sell sha’ir pants) so here’s what i want to do on brd…

I’m 5 string or singing skill from having my pty buffed songs capped, and i would get that if i just wore the af hands, but i hate those mickey mouse gloves so much :( so here’s the plan. I want to upgrade to Choral Cannions +1 for now, so i can upgrade some other limbus af before i start saving for musical earring. Once i have musical earring, i would try to get the af2 pants. i need to work on my assaults for yigit body and i need to buy a couple of angel’s rings.

Things i’d love for brd that i’ll never get: Sha’ir Manteel, Zenith Pumps, Kirin’s Osode

Haste Set Up:
Magnet Knife/Sirocco Kukri/Thief’s Knife
Ziska’s X-bow
Walhara Turban
Suppanomimi/Minuet Earring/Coral Earring
Raparee Harness
War Gloves +1
Sniper’s Ring x2
Amemet Mantle +1
Swift Belt
Palwahan Seraweels
Assassin’s Poulaines

For accuracy and evasion i can swap out Scorpion Harness/Optical Hat and Life Belt
for ws i can use Assassins’ Bonnet/Breeze Gorget/(no second earring)/Custom F Gloves/Warwolf Belt/Marine F Boots
i leave alot of acc gear on for Dancing Edge because i don’t have merits, if i did i’d need rings to swap out as well, i have no ws body besides putting SH on for Dancing Edge, I have AJ not that i ever put it on i should have a blau and dusk gloves, which i had and sold. that may be it for what i could buy. I know thf needs alot of things, alot of work but its just a job i cant see sinking money into right now although i will at some point because <3 thf

Things i want for thf that i’ll never have: Hecatomb gear/Hommam Gear/Perseus Harpe/X’s Knife

So i think that concludes this post, if i think of anything or someone reminds me of something i missed then i may edit it, i was getting pretty distracted toward the end so i find it likely i may have forgotten something or there may be small pieces i overlooked.^^

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