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paranoia, paranoia, everybody’s coming to get me

maybe not the everybody coming to get me, but i’m definitely one paranoid little girl sometimes… why do you think that is? This stupid thing just ate my whole post, so now i have to start all over lol *angry face* Luckily i happen to have my own personal dj right now^^ so all this […]

Argus 6 – Elysia 0

Ok seriously…. seriously!! everyone who has a story about ‘i was just randomly in maze of shakrami and argus was up, i’m 1/1 on pca!’ can DIAF!! this is honestly the most time consuming and obnoxious experience i’ve ever subjected myself too in this game. We (Kyle Neph and I) started camping him, two or […]


Yeah yeah, its been a while :) so where to start??? well let’s see… i guess the first think i can say is *ding* RNG 75! woot go me! after much pouting and my certainty i’d never be able to do it, it finally hit 75! Thanks to Perrin for making alot of parties when […]

If you die before me…..

Big Bomb in Besiege ….ask if you can bring a friend shamelessly stolen from someone on my flist :) Well there hasn’t been too much happening lately^^ it was a slow weekend since a bunch of people were away at fanfest! boy i’m jealous of those jerks!! (jk! i <3 them, but i am jealous^^) […]

Dead Kylex Gallery

First things first, its important that you see the /tells taking place on the new ss in the dead kylex gallery: Its ok, i know he loves me. XD so lets see whats new…. still no thf hands and i’m pretty sure i’m just going to switch my lot after this months xarc run, whether […]