Yeah yeah, its been a while :)

so where to start??? well let’s see… i guess the first think i can say is

*ding* RNG 75!

woot go me! after much pouting and my certainty i’d never be able to do it, it finally hit 75! Thanks to Perrin for making alot of parties when i know he hates making them as much as i do :) So i’m really enjoying rng and i have alot of good stuff for it. and its not as good a dd as alot of jobs but i don’t care because i like playing it. I merited it the other day and pouted because kyle told me how bad i was doing, so when i offered to switch to brd, so our current brd could go sam, he lied and told me i was parsing well now and not to switch. i laughed and didn’t end up changing, even tho i know he was either lying to make me feel better or maybe letting me win? i don’t know, but either way it was funny. i like to claim i’m not the kind of person who cares about having to do the best in a pty, and truthfully i’m not i’m not going to level something i don’t like to play just so i can out do my friends in a meripo. but i will admit i did pout a bit when i found out i was doing bad. tee hee.
so here’s rng gear:

Elysia's Ranger WS Gear, FFXI Fenrir

and here’s the mind set that i screw around with with holy bolts although i still need to get sune-ate for it

Elysia's Holy Bolts Gear on Ranger, FFXI Fenrir

in theory i could use a mind neck piece or earring or hands as well but i’m not going to go crazy or anything you know what i mean? i’ve been using this in Campaign, subbing whm for rr boosts it up even more.

So sky has been going ok, and as you can see i even got both my rng hands which makes me sooooo happy! We had a ton of god pops and actually a ton of people and i got to lot the seiryu’s kote and ffa the crimson hands (tee hee jet <3)The bad part was that out of three byakko pops we didn’t get any hiadate and chesh thinks i’ve given him my curse for not getting drops ; ; i hope he gets them soon. Jeirra got Z.Mitts to which is great for her! but bad for me ’cause now i have competition for doing damage!! (tee hee jk) this weekend we’re actually going to fight kirin since we have a bo-billion pops for him. that makes me happy and i really hope that we get some good drops^^

So i never got my thf hands in dynamis, and i got sick of the wait and switched to rdm. so next time we run xarc, it will have been my 30 days so i’m free to lot. however, we all know that thf hands will definitely drop now and there’s no way that rdm will. but hey, maybe i’ll get lucky :) and hey, it moves nick up a spot on them and he will put them to way better use than me anyways^^ i did get rdm hands (lul) and rng hat since the last time i posted, so dynamis hasn’t been bad, i’m looking forward to next xarc tho, just to see what happens with thf hands and rdm hats, and i’m not looking forward to next beauc because my month won’t be up and i won’t get rdm if it drops XD

So our bad luck with nyzul has finally ended. i don’t know if it was because we changed our party set up a little or if it was because we were just due for some good luck, we’ve made it up to floor 60. Now, i say good luck because we have advanced up but we still havent’ gotten a chest from a boss or a good apraisal from our ??? items. we even saw argus and killed him, but i think we got a leather gorget or something gay. but at least we’re doing it with alot more consistency then we were^^

So WotG came out, and so far its a little skimpy on content, but its pretty cool seeing the past, although running around in zones that are low level in the present but things aggro the shit out of you in the past is a little annoying. No choco’s, i suppose they need all of those for the war effort? and just because you know how to get through a zone in the present sure as hell doesn’t mean you know how to get through it in the past! its all dead ends and one way streets. Maybe i’m crazy but it seems like the levels on things are a little weird too, like EP things are seriously kicking my ass but maybe thats because i’ve been on rng alot in the past, i guess a job with no defense and no evasion may make it feel like i’m on the losing end of things. perrin showed me around to all the maws and we did the 2 missions that are out so far. Joined the fight for Bastok (of course) and i’m up to my ‘allied ribbon of bravery’ in campaign. campaign is actually alot of fun, except when you warp into a zone to realize your campaign map updates too slow and you missed the fight already.

Oh, and i feel i should make an honorable mention here to Samnosuke, who did a very sweet thing for his boy toy Jetre and camped him up some Okotes and Fumas (the rare/ex ones w/e) as a gift. they’re such a cute couple.

OH! i almost forgot to mention that i shot my CP arrow again XD it will be a long time before i can replace though ; ; i only have 4k cp this time…. i hate me.

Well i guess that’s it for now, i’ll try not wait so long before the next one, the Dead Kylex Gallery today, offers a double win death of both Kylex and Samnosuke in a meripo last weekend. lol them!!! :D
FFXI Cutscene Spanking, FFXI Fenrir
Salvage Pictures, FFXI Fenrir Elysia
Samnosuke, Jetre and Elysia in Jeuno, FFXI Fenrir

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