Argus 6 – Elysia 0

Ok seriously…. seriously!! everyone who has a story about ‘i was just randomly in maze of shakrami and argus was up, i’m 1/1 on pca!’ can DIAF!! this is honestly the most time consuming and obnoxious experience i’ve ever subjected myself too in this game. We (Kyle Neph and I) started camping him, two or three days before christmas. we were sitting there with random afks, sort of in shifts for the entire 12 hour windows. we weren’t catching any breaks with early pops they were lasting right into the final hour of the window before they were popping. Nephtis at one point stayed up over night by himself, and Kylex had to do that once as well. We went two LKs and two Argus, one earring and one pca. (congratulations kylex!) now you may be saying to yourself, ‘stop complaining lady, there’s nothing wrong with that!’ and you’d be right. but now, now that i’ve killed argus 5 more times and LK i think 4 more times and gotten nothing, i’m in a very frustrated frame of mind. i’ve been getting lucky on my own with pops early in the window (except for one argus that popped in the final five minutes of the window when i was convinced i’d missed the pop somehow). i guess i just have to keep trying, at least i haven’t missed a claim yet, i will be very upset the day that happens.

Ok lets see, i’ll try and work backwards and remember everything that’s happened since i last updated^^ last night was limbus! proto-omega in fact! and:

Homam Hands, FFXI Fenrir

i’m really excited about this! kylex had helped talk me into re equiping my thf and i felt like my hands were really the weakest point of my gear and there was no way i could drop 700k on dusks, so this was perfectly exactly what i wanted and i was really happy that chesh decided to pass on them! also can i say something about a like, 10 min omega kill? we destroyed him, it was great! we also got a homam body for nick which is great because he doesnt have to drink himself into oblivion now, and feet for ben which is great because now he has all the homam he wants, and i betcha he’ll try and get some ultima rdm pants now!

i did 2 tier 10 assault last night, we won the lebros one (cerberus) and wiped to the mamool one twice (hydra) you know whats more then a little annoying? toau comes out and its like ‘here’s three new hnms! cerberus hydra khimera! lets make the highest tier assaults you have to fight cerberus hydra khimera! lets make the bosses in nyzul assault cerberus hydra khimera! lets make the besieged bring in pets at the end, i know, cerberus hydra khimera! seriously, we get it. we wiped to the hydra one the first time because of what came to be know as ‘the ass poking incident’ but the second time we wiped it was at about 15% and just because he takes forever to kill, was too bad, we came really close.

so last night i get this bright idea to try and solo ods on blm. i know what you’re thinking ‘crazy girl! that’s suicide!’ and well, it turns out you’re right, BUT, i actually did alot better then i expected i would, and actually i think i could have pulled it off except for being just a little unlucky at the wrong moment. when i died, they were at about 40% and i still had about 700mp and a med (vile elixer) but blm stoneskin sucks and my sleepga got intruppted, i tried to get up and recover, but i died too close the scorps and aggro’d them when i got up :( oh well it was fun, and i’m sure i could have done it if i’d been a little luckier, i don’t mind the waste of seals just to see if i could have done it.

speaking of soloing, another crazy blm and i tried to duo and isnm yesterday. it was alot of fun, hk was on blm and i was on rdm/drk and we went to try and fight a flan! turns out that flan was too smart for us^^ the first try was mostly my fault we died, i kept switching to the wrong macro set and messing up my stuns so once i got that under control we did a little better. i think we could have won^^ if we try again i bet we could figure it out just needs a little practice^^ i couldn’t go use an order of my own to go in because for some reason i had one of the 60 cap orders on me and you can’t cancel them, so after the flan i ran in to burn up the order i had and tried to solo myself an ugly bug with basically no cap gear and no idea what the fight would be, i bet you can guess how that went XD

so the christmas holiday was basically just nm camping, sirroco for kylex’s thf, joy-toy for my rdm (thanks kyle and neph!) followed by all that argus. i even unlocked savage blade for rdm, and considering i don’t know anything about the type of rdm soling that involves melee, its a little funny i went to all that trouble, but i just had to do it. when we camped charby we were there for about 5 hours, and it must be the only time in history that there was acutally competition camping, but we of course got claim, which led to something interesting^^
no i didnt take the money i took the sword lol, kyle and neph told me to try and get us 500k each but no such luck^^

while we’re on the subject of my rdm, i’ve made some other gear adjustments as well^^
our sky ls really started knocking out the kirins, which resulted in this:
W Legs, FFXI Fenrir

those made me sooooooo happy!! no more fuming at jet for being able to run faster than me!! as long as i’m on rdm or rng anyways^^; all those kirin’s also resulted in osodes for kyle and ben, and an nbody for the nick^^ which is awesome! one thing that’s not awesome tho is being the only whm for two or three (i forget) back to back kirins! too much pressure! x.x

also in sky i got genbu’s shield for my rdm which i really wanted^^ and i finally uncursed my zenith legs and it wasn’t easy to part with that 600k let me tell you >< but afterwards i was glad i did it. i FINALLY got the last hq staff that i was missing, a perfect christmas present! and signed too^^ :3 and since then hk has replaced almost all my staffs with signed ones, which i love :)

and finally, remember when i switched my dynamis lot, and claimed that i would live to regret it? well:

i can still hardly believe it to be honest, it actually dropped! i actually have a rdm relic hat!! a RDM RELIC HAT OMG!! i’m really happy^^ and on that same xarc run i got the scout’s jerkin as well XD not a great peice but it got me 5/5 on rng relic, the belt would be nice but our ls doesnt have too much luck with that piece^^ and hk got a valor body! o.o oooo shiney!!

we just ran dynamis bubu and we got a disgusting amount of drops.
three koga tekko -1, three war stones, a mnk hands -1, blm belt, i think that was it but that’s pretty good lol! no valor capes ; ;

i think my merit pty yesterday is worth mentioning since i’m going to put a ss of the convo in, apparently only nub rdms heal in light staffs. the sam was mad i wanted to leave the party after two deaths within the first three pulls, the party had alot of problems, brd was linking birds and couldn’t land lullaby, nin tanking in arhats, the mnk and sam were sub war, which is usually ok except we weren’t killing fast enough for it to be ok, but anyways, i said i wanted to bail, and the following conversation with the intelligent and articulate sam is ss below^^

speaking of ptys i started lvling smn again and this pty is awful… lol melee rdm at lvl 50… so many problems…

well i think that covers everything thats happened lately… so i’ll leave you with the usual ss!

Noob Elysia, FFXI Fenrir
Killing Eyes, FFXI Elysia Fenrir

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