If you die before me…..

Big Bomb, Besiege, FFXI Elysia Fenrir

Big Bomb in Besiege

….ask if you can bring a friend

shamelessly stolen from someone on my flist :)

Well there hasn’t been too much happening lately^^ it was a slow weekend since a bunch of people were away at fanfest! boy i’m jealous of those jerks!! (jk! i <3 them, but i am jealous^^) there wasn’t enough people around to do sky, i’m crying but not suprised, rng hands will never be mine! whats with me and hands? rng hands, thf hands, its unfair i tell you! i leveled rng alot (71) and sunday i spent most of the day blindly camping charby with some friends, needless to say he didn’t pop.

loving rng still, got a ton of new stuff at 70! behe rings (one +1, one signed by nephy) ocean sash (merry xmas, ty kylex!) fenrir earring, ohat, and my kriegsbeil!! which i got ripped off on a bit, but oh well i don’t care. with the ohat and the axes i’ve been using meat instead of sushi my last couple xp parties and i think i’ve been doing really well. i know my acc is fine (7 arch merits as well, but it seems fine with marks too) and i think my dmg is pretty good too.

limbus thursday didn’t go very well, just bad luck but we ended up losing and getting kicked out which is too bad since i’m finally earring coins toward my blm hat now that i’m out of debt, oh well i hope it will go well tonight (assuming everyone gets in on time since this update seems to be taking its sweet time) it was the zone with enhanced whatevers where one gets way stronger when its counterpart dies, we only had 7 and one spot of bad luck wiped us out ; ;

Paradox got another Omega win under its belt but…. double head!! >< FAIL. i feel worst for nick who hasn’t gotten anything yet from this stingy bastard. but on the bright side the fight was incredibly fast and easy for us and it felt really good to be a part of it.

we’ve been keeping up with our nyzul isle assaults but we’ve been getting screwed pretty hard, you know what can go to hell? ‘activate all lamps’ that can go right to hell. those floors are RETARDED. also i feel really useless on brd i feel like i can’t keep buffs on anyone anyways and i can’t do anything to help except sleep. i don’t know, i just always feel like i’m standing there being useless. so we tried to farm the floor 20 boss again, see if we could get some feet, but we finally got up there again and ended up not having enough time to beat fafnir. but we had fun trying thats for sure ^^

i got my ‘first lieutenant’ rank up in assault, so i’m as high as i can go besides captain which seriously is never gonna happen. omg the quest for that rank up!! how annoying, three tedious time consuming sets of cs and minigames that you have to wait a game day in between. i mean it wasn’t exactly hard but it was just REALLY time consuming. the first game they show you 12 humes and you have to examine sets and pairs to try and determine which are spies. ok fine, but you have to win it three times to pass. then the second day, you have to study a dictionary of qiqirn words and answer questions posed in qiqirn speak, that was the least time consuming of the three. the last day you’re subjected to what is basically ‘rock paper scissors’ and again, you have to beat three different people. and you need to win 4 or 5 rounds against each person. and all in between are these lllloooooonnnnnggggggggg cs, and its not that they aren’t amusing, but i started wondering just how badly i wanted to be first lieutenant after all.

dynamis tav on wednesday and xarc next sunday, this may be my last runs as thf main, dun dun dun! we’ll see^^

oh, and one last thing, in sky the other day, random crazy drain!! i’ve never done that high lol
FFXI Elysia Fenrir

FFXI Elysia Fenrir
FFXI Elysia Fenrir
FFXI Elysia Fenrir

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