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Dead Kylex, FFXI

First things first, its important that you see the /tells taking place on the new ss in the dead kylex gallery: Its ok, i know he loves me. XD

so lets see whats new…. still no thf hands and i’m pretty sure i’m just going to switch my lot after this months xarc run, whether they drop or not. i’m sick of waiting and rdm gear would be so much more useful although not necessarily easier to get because as soon as i switch my lot thf hands will rain down from the heavens and rdm will never be seen again. that’s just my luck. but on the plus side i did manage to snag brd af2 pants secondary, of course the next pair did go ffa…. sigh >< but idc they’re worth 5 points, they’re awesome.

speaking of dynamis, we lost our valkrum run due to what i’ll call ‘a controller misfunction’ it sucked, and screwed tav access for a ton of people. sigh.

i remember in my last post mentioning that i shot my windy conquest arrow and had to call a gm to get it back. well he gave it back the next day, and the next time i partied on rng, i shot it again. i realized that my pull macro doesnt have an ammo swap on it so thats how i must have done it. so i spent yesterday on blm in sky trying to kill ele’s for CP. where i will be again tonight so that i can earn enough for a new arrow and enough extra to be able to charge my empress band at least once… i hate using all my CP that way, and i better be careful this time.

speaking of rng (still 1k from 67) this weekend i finally managed to get enough people on at the same time to go and do fenrir prime so that i could get my earring (though i do admire some people who can solo it). i’m so happy. now i can lvl rng up to 72 before i have to stop and wait for crimson hands. i’ve pretty much given up all hope on sky gear and actually find myself a little disappointed that the rmt dont shout for sky abj. anymore. the thing about my sky ls is that its small, and we don’t fight kirin ever really, i mean we have but its by no means common place for us. i’m not even sure that right now, we still have enough members to fight it even if they managed to all show up. one thing i really wanted from sky was crimson legs, but aside from that was wyrmal hands, s. kotes and s. sune-ate for rng. the thing about the hands and kote is they’re sieryu and no one really needs that god killed. and because we don’t do kirin, we don’t ever need to kill him really. and the other thing about it is on the off chance we do go kill him, if i ask for w.hands, kote are sure to drop and if i ask for kote i’m bound to see w.hands in the treasure pool. so really, i can’t win. as it stands now i’d like the w.hands first, so i’m bound to watch nins mnks and wars lotting kote because they want the whole god set while i quietly rage.

but by no means think that i’d leave my sky ls. it has kyle and jet and samno and chesh and tn and lots of good people in it which is more important at the end of the day than what i walk away with.

So now that i’ve thrown my ‘i never get anything i want’ pity party, i’ll mention that our limbus ls took ulitma again and we won! we did an amazing job and won easily. i was so far ahead in points that i knew if legs dropped they were all for me, i didnt want to waste my points or coins on a different piece, just legs. so i assure you i went into the fight excited and wanting to win, but also sure that even if we did legs would never drop because they’re something i really wanted. but omg, they actually did and at the end of the night i had a shiny red pair of nashira seraweels to be excited about. so hot, love them and love my limbus ls too. and speaking of limbus i also got the second piece finally to upgrade my blm hat. the bad thing is that i dont have enough coins. i had 13, and the nashira cost me 25 so i had to borrow coins from chubbyhuggs (<3) and still owe her 9, then need to make 25 more. i could buy them i guess, but i’ll probably wait till i at least make some of them on my own.

Still thinking about smn but haven’t done it yet… also trying to decide on a lower job i could lvl if i were going to static a job with someone. i would lvl cor but i was hoping for a cheaper job…

also i want to make a mention that kyle got his hiadate and i’m really really happy for him, he’s wanted them so much for so long and i like when my good friends get something they want.

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