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Yuukino and Balmoral’s Weddings a More!

Congrats on Ciermel for being an excellent host for Balmoral and Yuukino’s wedding!! we all took out our summer festival attire for the wedding ^_^ it was all ciermel’s idea. dont we all look cute =D there’s the two couple. Yuukino is the one in white and balmoral is the little taru smn =D after […]

Nub DRK! Kill it with fire!!

well this shouldn’t be too long since i haven’t been up to much except for grinding out the levels on drk… 62 now, there seems to be no happy medium with invites, either i get ten as soon as i flag up or i sit around for four hours and get nothing, there’s no in […]

The Long Wait on Update @_@!!

So we began where we last left on our WOTG missions… @_@! we kind of strayed for a while since we finished off Sandy’s missions. That’s Afuce on the right, he just tagged along in cased i arggoed everything… (the count was only 5!! …or 8 cc??) ohhh my, a dead hume on our front […]

Better Late than Never

ok, so maybe its been a little while since i made a post but this one should end up being pretty long so that should balance it out right? let’s see, where to start? well i guess i’ll start with this: hurray! i finished all the assaults. we decided to take 6 people and jump […]

Way Overdue!

ok, so i haven’t posted in a realllllllly long time… but i’m not really all that interesting so it’s ok right? :D So first of all i got drk to 75! Some friend made a meripo and let me come and get my level with them! It’s such a fun job and i really love […]