Way Overdue!

ok, so i haven’t posted in a realllllllly long time… but i’m not really all that interesting so it’s ok right? :D

So first of all i got drk to 75! Some friend made a meripo and let me come and get my level with them! It’s such a fun job and i really love it! i wish i could use it way more often then i know i’m going to get too ; ;

when i hit 71 i went and got my scythe of trials! my first wsnm since ‘savage blade’ bringing my all time total of wsnms up to four! i picked up the scythe and me and hk went to kuftal to break the latent, with him on nin and me /sam it took us less than an hour to break my latent and head to den of rancor. we had a little mishap on our first attempt at the nm, when we didn’t clear the area well enough, but after that little set back we tried again and a few minutes later i had my brand new ws! how exciting! until i got to party and actually tried it out…. typical of most quested ws, its pretty crappy, but it looks neat!^^

After i dinged drk 75 i told myself that i should merit a bit before picking up a new job. the next day i flagged up on rdm and immediately remembered why i don’t do pick up merit parties… but i did have a couple of good burn parties on puddings that capped my blm buffer(more than once) and allowed me to finish something i’ve been working on and chipping away at for a very long time…

Elysia Merit, FFXI Fenrir

i finished my int merits! now if only my gear was better i’d feel really good about my blm (my all time favorite job <3) i also got to merit scythe twice which i was happy about, i took out my marks merits, i’m main archery on rng anyways :p

i’ve been kind of emo about blm and jobs in general lately, and i’ll tell you why. for one thing blm is my favorite, but i don’t feel like it will ever have the gear that i want it to have and it makes me sad. there’s a few obtainable things i could work on, but for the most part i feel like what i don’t have i’ll probably never get. and i feel like other jobs (like rdm, which i do love as well, just a little less :p) have maybe surpassed my blm a little and i don’t like that :(
the other reason i’m emo about jobs lately is because yes blm is my favorite job. yes, blm is a very useful job for most things! do i want to constantly be forced onto blm when i have 7 other jobs at 75? no, just once and awhile, once and awhile, i’d like a break. dyna is a rule with few exceptions that blm is required, ok fine. for sky (gods especially) it isn’t ‘required’ but wanted. but there are other things… sky farm, merit parties, assaults where sometimes i’d just like to let off some steam and relax and play something a little different. but if i’m not on blm then i’m rdm to refresh and heal. i just feel like sometimes i get the short end of the stick on this sort of thing, while everyone else takes a break from jobs they don’t want to play constantly i can’t seem to get that relief anywhere. not all the time, just once and awhile you know? the merit party i got drk 75 was the first merit party i haven’t been rdm or brd in, since i don’t remember when.

i did alot of campaign on drk, leveling it, my highest medal expired and then got maxed out again. and i also finished up the city specific quests before the new update comes out. i didn’t have much motivation to finish the other cities quests, i’d done the first two sandy for the gobbie bag items but that was all. but someone convinced me to finish them all^^ the best one was the one with waves of weak yagudo that could be aga’d to death

Yagudo Feast, Elysia FFXI Fenrir

dynamis and limbus have been going ok, waiting for a rng af upgrade, but apollyon has been stingy with the cloth. in dyna i got the smn body, which means i switched back to the thf hands line. a pair ACTUALLY dropped the other night! they went to the only thf patient enough to have waited all this time without getting discouraged and switching her lot XD this puts me in second place for them (after the wait period) behind someone with spotty attendance, so maybe i’ll get lucky and the curse on the hands will be broken now. or maybe i’ll be in this line for another two years.

Elysia Jetre, FFXI Fenrir

Elysia Mhaura FFXI Fenrir

other than that its been the usaul, some random things with hk’s ls because i love when i get to hang out with him^^ i did get to clear two of the einherjar (spelling?) rooms with them, and living past the first ten seconds was way more of an accomplishment then the last time i’d tried this event, and its actually not so bad when run by a competent group of people. i’d love too be able to do it more often, just for the ichor stuff you get for the blm cape… /drool ; ;

Nihhus Einherjar FFXI Fenrir

i’ve done some more sea with them too which is still fun for me because i don’t ever get to do it XD the only bad part is that i have no map of the palace inside and if i get separated from the group, i become hopelessly lost ><

Elysia Hellknight Al'Taieu FFXI Fenrir
Elysia Jailer of Love FFXI Fenrir

so my latest undertaking, is picking sch back up, which i know i swore i wouldn’t do. but the job has been adjusted since i took it to 37, and it was looking like a little more fun, and i do love mages most and i understand mages better, and i would have to buy very little for it along the way so i’m trying it again, so far its going well i’m enjoying it and looking forward to getting further into it. what i’d love to do is have two gear sets depending on what ‘arts’ i’m on, an mp/mnd set for light and a more int heavy build for drk, but i’m pressed for space as it is, and at level 40, when most people don’t even fill every slot of their gear, let alone fill it usefully, carrying all that gear seems like a waste of space money and time. i’ll reconsider this of course, as the job progresses. :P

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