The Long Wait on Update @_@!!

So we began where we last left on our WOTG missions… @_@! we kind of strayed for a while since we finished off Sandy’s missions. That’s Afuce on the right, he just tagged along in cased i arggoed everything… (the count was only 5!! …or 8 cc??)

ohhh my, a dead hume on our front door step.

we discovered this huge chair in the middle of Vunkerl Inlet (S) O_O!! i wonder who it belongs to….

since bastok was just down to its city state, there were numerous campaign battle in Bastok Markert (S) and the npc kept disappearing =(. we were waiting on Engelhart most of the time. that darn guy keeps running away whenever the city gets attacked!! COWARD!!!

{/sigh} we only got up to Fires of Discontent and it took us nearly the whole night =(. i guess we’ll finish up the last 2-3 quest left of this story line and get our ingots =/. we planned to do the new WOTG missions too, but i guess we have to put them off another time =(. we’ll get them done ciermel!! (hopefully before the next update XD)!!

meanwhile ….

2 Responses to “The Long Wait on Update @_@!!”

  1. Etain says:

    It probably would have been more productive if you fought in the campaign battle to help it end faster, than to just sit around and wait for it to end… :x

  2. Sakurakun says:

    bastok can burn ~


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