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Skadi Salvage!

O_O wow, what an amazing salvage run last night. We did Arrapago Remnants farming // boss (if we had the time). unexpectly, i got the Freya’s Ledelsens off the Archaic Chariot. i mean, i was like dead last for this item since it was prio item #6, but i had the lvl 25 pair with […]

Wedding Ceremony!

Wow, I finally got my application through!! I started applying January 1, 2008, and I think this is either my 2 or 3 application. but i got this message after i sent my third application for those two ^_^. yes this is the same application where I put down mandau and claustrum as their weapons […]

WHM Gear Hack?

the other night ciermel noticed this weird WHM wearing what look like the RDM JSE Wise Cap. as far as cc and me know, there isnt a WHM head gear like that. CC and me tried to check the gear out, but they some how change their gear too fast for our SS to take […]

Egg-hunt Festival!!!

Egg-hunt Festival!!!

omg it’s that time of the year again!! i love these events!! the furnitures are so cute ^_^ Letters Collected: Sakurakun: Q, O, G, U, T Ciermel: A, U, S, O, D, S, R, U, R, T, U, S, this so feels like scrabble cc ^_^ lol ciermel got all three furnitures already =P. i […]

The Stick Up His Butt

Finally a good time to leave Dynamis {rofl} Wow, the linkshell that thinks that owns us and honestly has a stick up their butt. after run with Frypan over a year, this how they treat members. that linkshell lose members every run and always have fresh new face each run. their retention of members is […]