Skadi Salvage!

O_O wow, what an amazing salvage run last night. We did Arrapago Remnants farming // boss (if we had the time). unexpectly, i got the Freya’s Ledelsens off the Archaic Chariot. i mean, i was like dead last for this item since it was prio item #6, but i had the lvl 25 pair with these from a while back. so i got them surprisingly. i’m like still stun cuz i didnt even realize these drop off the Archaic Chariot. anyway, i’m still not 3/3 because i’ve been tossing the lvl 15 out from my good old pal Dekka. it would be funny (coughcough, *crossing fingers*) if he actually drop the Enlil’s Crackows instead………………………………………

Anyway once i get 3/3, i can turn them in and make the Skadi’s Jambeaux ^_^!! this baby is a pimp out version of the Trotter’s Boot. I can wait to play with them when i start to farm again on my thf ^_^

btw, we were doing so well farming that we actually had time to do the boss. and wow, the tanks drop kicked its butt in the last 5 minutes. It went from like 41% to 0% in like 4 minutes.

the lvl 25 marduk body piece drop and the Freyr’s Trousers went FFA =X! i got the winning lot =X! these will probably be my new prio#7.

wow, lots of <3 for Lagsave ^_^

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  1. Jackalman says:

    Good old Saku the lootwhore. ^^

    j/k and grats. You weren’t even planning on going to the run, lol. Jing would have gotten those feet over you even w/o the 25 b/c he was ready to go on time and you popped in last second, but he basically told me he didn’t really want them, so the luck fell to you. ^^

    This is your 3rd peice, right? Marduk’s Shalwar, Marduk’s Jubbah, and Skadi’s Jambeaux. Did I miss any?

  2. Jackalman says:

    Oh yeah, I just remembered your first piece, lolhands (Marduk’s Dastanas). So, 4 pieces and counting… Hmm, you really are a lootwhore!! ^^

  3. Sakurakun says:

    woh woh, jingex by far beats me!

    marduk body, hands, feet, crown
    ares body (ffa)
    that’s 6 completed items!!! i have no clue how he’s gonna restore them =X. but he’s getting closer w/ the body!

    jing got a lot of good rare pieces! i was just hoping for the marduk crown to drop from the boss! (need to replace my anus piece i walk around with =X). it’s just pure luck =X

  4. Jackalman says:

    Funny how things change in a few days. Jing has 5 pieces, not 6 (read your post again), and you just completed 2 more from Dekka (lucky), so now you’re the one who’s up to 6! Grats tho, it’ll probably be months before Dekka drops Enlil again, and I’ll probably miss that run too!


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