Wedding Ceremony!

Wow, I finally got my application through!! I started applying January 1, 2008, and I think this is either my 2 or 3 application. but i got this message after i sent my third application for those two ^_^. yes this is the same application where I put down mandau and claustrum as their weapons =P

I left out the specifics of the when and where the ceremony was gonna be held because this is their special day and i dont want any wedding crashers =O!!!!! anyway, everyone in DuckHUNT knows when it is and I leave it to Jingex and Ravynne to decide who to invite ^_^!!! Congrats again guys!!!


update: oyyy, i just got SE’s e-mail. @_@ i got lots to do….

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  1. Jowah says:

    It took like half year to me….or more


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