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Promy 2nd Take

So we like i said we will,we have done the promy for the 2nd time and this time we have won holla mea and dem by the first time in 1 day! we done very well and everyone done their jobs really good, the bosses could not stop us we broke down each boss by […]

New Banner!!!

ahhhh…. kindah bored so i made a new banner. i changed cctalu’s and inoretalu’s outfit and their weapons too into something a lil bit cooler! plus.. i added the three promy crag mobs from holla, dem and mea. lemme know what u think.. feedback pls ^^

Promy 2nd try for Inorelin!

So you remember how we failed the last promy…beacuse we were not really well organized but we hope to change it this time and make sure everyone goes ready…and also we will probably take more people this time so when were going through the crag we can fight off the enemy incase we aggro but […]

You Cannot Escape From the Game

So today my brother named Milymag came back into the game after a month of not playing,but he could not resist any longer and finnaly started playing again and all the new people on the LS did not even know who he is lol. He just came back from a surgery so he will stay […]

Nobles does Azimuth Circle2!

i belong to this linkshell in ff headed by inoretalu. i find this LS my new home and my new family. i thought i will do something special by makin a family pic. for everyone who wants a copy, here’s the url for the original picture: Original