You Cannot Escape From the Game

So today my brother named Milymag came back into the game after a month of not playing,but he could not resist any longer and finnaly started playing again and all the new people on the LS did not even know who he is lol. He just came back from a surgery so he will stay home for a while and he got lots of time to play before he went out with his friends all the time´┐Żand went to work :/ well he met the new people on the LS and he went to a pt right away as he came back and got lvl 51 and he finnaly can use all his elemental staffs so hes happy about his level but he still has long ways to catch up to me or ciermel talu. Hes very determinated to get lvl 75.its good to have him back <(^_^)>

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  1. Ciermel says:

    yeah im happy that milytalu is back also… welcome back ^^


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