New Banner!!!

ahhhh…. kindah bored so i made a new banner. i changed cctalu’s and inoretalu’s outfit and their weapons too into something a lil bit cooler! plus.. i added the three promy crag mobs from holla, dem and mea. lemme know what u think.. feedback pls ^^

2 Responses to “New Banner!!!”

  1. Maiev says:

    HOW do u go in as 75brd in promys!! nowai! hax!
    hehe nice banner, i like this more (i like manteels) ^_^

  2. Ciermel says:

    HOW do i go in as 75 bard… two words! Uber Talu CC… actually that’s three words.. lol Actually i like the manteel too but can’t wear it yet :( maybe in the future talu :D


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