Nobles does Azimuth Circle2!

i belong to this linkshell in ff headed by inoretalu. i find this´┐ŻLS my new home and my new family. i thought i will do something special by makin a family pic. for everyone who wants a copy, here’s the url for the original picture:


3 Responses to “Nobles does Azimuth Circle2!”

  1. Toootail says:

    Hey C…You did it!!! Looks great. Naughty and I are sitting here checking the site out. Love it! Hey You got our characters perfect. Looks great!

  2. Ciermel says:

    Thx Tooot!!! im happy u guys luv it :D and thanks for the post ^^

  3. Willatin says:

    Hey Cier! Love the site!


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