Promy 2nd Take

So we like i said we will,we have done the promy for the 2nd time and this time we have won holla mea and dem by the first time in 1 day! we done very well and everyone done their jobs really good, the bosses could not stop us we broke down each boss by the first try it was really fun and after the 3rd one we got into this awesome area! got couple pics of it its really nice looking i marked it one of my favourtie places :D promy’s are worth it

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  1. Ciermel says:

    Congrats on Inore, Aure, Gotsu, Mily and Holli on a job well done during the promy mission. You guys all earned it! The ONRY gay part is the ranger ( Hollihoop ) not dying at all while everyone i think died at least ones… you’re time will come… :P


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