Promy 2nd try for Inorelin!

Promyvion, FFXI Fenrir, Inorelin TaruTaru

So you remember how we failed the last promy…beacuse we were not really well organized but we hope to change it this time and make sure everyone goes ready…and also we will probably take more people this time so when were going through the crag we can fight off the enemy incase we aggro but thats not the biggest probelm the main problem is the long-legged-freaky-half-life 2-wanna-be-monster-boss inside the crag…well the 2nd problem is that our member(SMN) is going to a beach so he cant show up for the promy…so i still have to talk to cier-talu about that and decide what we will do lets hope we succeed this time and win.

7 Responses to “Promy 2nd try for Inorelin!”

  1. Hollister says:

    I’m pumped and ready to go! I’m sure we’ll succeed this time!

  2. Maiev says:

    woot on the kill xD

  3. Tazo says:

    What time are you guy’s planning to go? Is there room for my taru?

  4. Ciermel says:

    Hey Tazotalu, my team actually went and we won but we have another team doing it soon, if u want i can give u a tell if ever we need another member in the spot ^^

  5. Ciermel says:

    Which reminds me..Pitatalu u need to post our victory pics >.<... [ slowga ].

  6. Tazo says:

    thanks CC-talu! I have promy’s done actually but I didn’t mind doing it again with everyone :) so I didn’t mention it. If there’s ever a spot free just /tell me ^^. tyvm!

  7. Ciermel says:

    I see, thanks for the offer then I’ll keep that in mind ^^


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