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Mai still around – Planning LS Trip!

Still Alive! Oh I’m still here no worries, I’ve just been swamped with so much stuff that I don’t have the time to sit down and write a blog entry. Regardless, yes I still play FFXI, yes I’ve got some achievements to write and tons of other interesting stuff butttt I’ll be back with full-blown […]

Yuukino and Balmoral’s Weddings a More!

Congrats on Ciermel for being an excellent host for Balmoral and Yuukino’s wedding!! we all took out our summer festival attire for the wedding ^_^ it was all ciermel’s idea. dont we all look cute =D there’s the two couple. Yuukino is the one in white and balmoral is the little taru smn =D after […]

Nub DRK! Kill it with fire!!

well this shouldn’t be too long since i haven’t been up to much except for grinding out the levels on drk… 62 now, there seems to be no happy medium with invites, either i get ten as soon as i flag up or i sit around for four hours and get nothing, there’s no in […]

Oh Noe… Glimpse back to Fenrir!

I was checking LS bank and look what I’ve got! He’s FUBAR lol… don’t know how he can get away with openly admit he buys gil xD! So I guess our Fenrir’s celebrity transferred to another server, completes it and is coming back. He’s like stirring a storm already with some of the Duckies… IMO […]

Improved FFXIAH “Item Sets”

1. Click Item Set // 2. Click “Add” Extended Features: Item Sets For the longest time, even I don’t understand what are “Item Sets” are for on FFXIAH. But that’s about to change. Scragg finally gave up his Dark’Ixion time to go code some new and exciting features. Here are the few things that it […]