Oh Noe… Glimpse back to Fenrir!

I was checking LS bank and look what I’ve got!

Glimpse, FFXI, Fenrir

He’s FUBAR lol… don’t know how he can get away with openly admit he buys gil xD!

So I guess our Fenrir’s celebrity transferred to another server, completes it and is coming back. He’s like stirring a storm already with some of the Duckies…

IMO he should just apply to Excellence! He meets the minimum requirements of a relic!

Relic is somewhat IMO, a pretty good achievement. Well at least it shows you’re good in mining resources (to earn gil) in order to fund a relic. The annoying part is people like Glimpse who just pulls one out then err.. say its like nuffin kinda hurts for those that really got their relic the hard way. Meh I don’t have one so going to stop talking!

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