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Win a Token & FFXIAH Map

From the Zam Never seen boobs before? by midna-lolo Win a possibly $6.95 token! (lol) more details from the Zam here. Anyway, so one of em was “posting SS” of some of your favorite screenshot. Now look at what I found LOL. Complete WIN! Quick Update I haven’t been playing either MMO, simply … busy […]

Security Token & FFXI to RL

SquareEnix’ Security Token! Their Security Token Better to be late than nothing. They finally got their security token setup. Now I feel like playing everywhere including work… ‘~”? I know I play WoW everywhere because… I know my account’s secure ‘.’ Oh I like this part: As a special incentive, each Square Enix Security Token […]

the StarOnion on BlackBerry =)

FFXI Blog Reading OTA Reading Blogs OTA With a little bit busier in schedule :/ I kinda hav less time beside a PC just browsing. So… I use my BlackBerry a lot to get a lot of Mai entertainment – including reading everyone’s blogs. One thing bothers me is clicking through bookmarks on the BB. […]

WIP: LS Website v3 and misc…

DuckHUNT’s Website, Fenrir DuckHUNT Website v3 I think this is what I enjoy =) Creating things :D Well… with my amateur coding skills, I.. err pulled out something like this :D On the right was just me showcase-ing the website to my friends when they were over at my workplace. Obviously it needed some work, […]

Britney’s WoW MTV and More!

Britney Spears – Piece of Me in WoW Model Video Game MTV’s Yea, it’s pretty hahaha and quite nice. Circus one is coming out soon from the same director :D You can watch his Teaser here XD A little on RMT/Gold Digging. A friend of mine in WoW got hacked. Well… he kinda used 3rd […]