Win a Token & FFXIAH Map

From the Zam

Taru Boobs Comic

Never seen boobs before? by midna-lolo

Win a possibly $6.95 token! (lol) more details from the Zam here.

Anyway, so one of em was “posting SS” of some of your favorite screenshot. Now look at what I found LOL. Complete WIN!

Quick Update

I haven’t been playing either MMO, simply … busy with real-life quests! It’s near completion … it’s like getting the last few 100 Byne Bills for a relic.. well that’s me right now so focusing a ton of effort into accomplishing rl quests =) Yes, a little odd but I kinda treat life hurdles as quests now ;) maybe too much MMO.

But.. yea haven’t been playing enough to the stage.. where Takalo is already Lv58 WoW Mage in 3 weeks of Mai absences. Well that’s it for WoW news!

FFXI wise, still working on a few projects … non FFXI-gameplay related (like not actually playing the game type of stuff) ^^

That’s it for now and yea the comics on the right is for a little laughter =) Taru with boobs, Mai favorite :D (or aka Cherry Titties) :D


In case you didn’t know, your personal info collection is now complete! It now displays where everyone lives in FFXI via IP Lookup if you have an account with associated characters.

Yea, I’m just lying, its just a field you fill in via Edit Chars… completely voluntary. You put your location in.. it translates to the closest city and pins it on a map. I think they are trying to see where most people live, so they can sell those data to gilseller company of where to place “BUY GOLD” ads =) such as New York? hehe

Anyway, night :) I need to get some of this Sleep 2 :D

Random Links

Found this kick-ass video on Graffiti “animation” about human evolution. Guarantee kicks ass :D Here it is below ;)

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

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