Britney’s WoW MTV and More!

Britney Spears – Piece of Me in WoW Model

Video Game MTV’s

Yea, it’s pretty hahaha and quite nice.

Circus one is coming out soon from the same director :D You can watch his Teaser here XD

A little on RMT/Gold Digging.

A friend of mine in WoW got hacked. Well… he kinda used 3rd party tools so he knew the risks. But apparently, what the RMT did was, they scoop up his account info and PW, but do not login until there’s a customer. That way they do not have to keep any mules that could get banned. They just login when it’s needed, NPC everything then dbox the gold to the customer.

So yea, change your PW often (and of course keep AV up). Doesn’t matter how frequent you change PW, a compromised PC means.. no matter how many times you change, they would know.

On a side note, it’s kinda sad how some of my friend who graduated from University with CS major goes back to China, and codes for these company. They write little applets for games, but inside they let the other department to embed shit to mine your account PW. It’s a big industry and it’s his job. He gets paid so… to him there’s nothing wrong about coding apps to do these kinda stuff. Although his company risks lawsuits for ruining Blizzard Games. But I mean it’s China, there’s really no one policing around.. do whatever you want.

Here’s a popular read about Gold Diggers in China. This is a new one and… goes a little bit deeper into the Gold Digging Industry.

Lives of Warcraft III Player

A Warcraft III Addict

Before FFXI, I used to be a Warcraft III addict. I was really good with micro management, Night-Elf micro control / archers and huntress. Focus Firing all targets while I used Maiev (the Warden) to blink into backline, killing off critical support units. I was really fast with rushes, everything in my mind was procedural, all upgrades and structure timing all calculated.

I still play Warcraft III, but in the form of DotA on a weekly basis with real-life friends. But to be honest, I imagined myself to be one of those people, playing world-wide ladder games a few years ago.

Well, hope you enjoy this non-ffxi read =)
PS: Takalo (FFXI, Fenrir), Tokamo (RL Friend) and Brian (RL Friend), all started to WoW O.o with my friend invitation O.o… 3 months of WoW Free for me? :o I just invited my Instructor to WoW too.. well.. hehe 4mths of WoW is free :D :D

Btw, [GM]Dave WoW’s too now lol. Although it doesn’t seem like GM Dave’s having a good time lol.

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