Security Token & FFXI to RL

Square Enix' FFXI Security Token

SquareEnix’ Security Token!

Their Security Token

Better to be late than nothing. They finally got their security token setup. Now I feel like playing everywhere including work… ‘~”? I know I play WoW everywhere because… I know my account’s secure ‘.’

Oh I like this part:

As a special incentive, each Square Enix Security Token will come with an exciting in-game bonus which may just prove indispensible during your many adventures in Vana’diel!

Um… cops cap? Whip? Machine Gun that occasionally shoots 2-8 times? haha

Thanks to Kimi for the news =) (Kimi acutally sent me an email… saying ticket back to Vana’diel has been punched) lol.

Seriously guys,this is VERY VERY SUPER WORTH IT. It literally keeps your account super secure, it’s like putting your account to the bank safe… I just hope SE don’t price this stuff like 20 bucks. But then… there is no way you can put a price tag on keeping your account secure. If you plan to invest in antivirus to keep your FFXI account, you’re better off buying the authenticator than buying AV, because this thing… really does its job (provided SE does their part in keeping their stuff secure on their side).

So I’ll need at least… 5 =_=; Sohjai Tazo Mai Rora Jaya ‘~” doesn’t even include my brother haha! With one with work, 1 with WoW, I think my keychain will have more authenticator than actual keys to get around airports lol.

And I officially was too busy to even play WoW for 1hr… I played more FFXI than WoW this week.. although not actual playing, but the login time of FFXI exceeds WoW by 1000% lol… I think a few people caught me sneaking around including Jackalman.

Anyway, regardless still a little bit busy, still got a few projects to handle. Just for a little bit laughter, the video below is about Samsung’s SSD (for errr.. computer nerd I guess ‘.’)

24 SSD in action.. wow lol!

PS: Just installed CS4.. and that thing is a BEAST to learn =_=;

Shamu, Fenrir

Shamu of Fenrir. Screenshot Date: April 04, 2004


So yea.. I didn’t know but.. I found out Laution… used to live in London, ON. Which is the place I started my FFXi adventure and went crazy. I crafted his Snow Ring back then ‘.’ and got a skillup from his mats :o I was even underlevel when crafting his ring :o kinda felt bad but it didn’t break :D

On the side, I’m seeing Shamu the day after tomorrow. She was one of those old school players too, in GLADIATOR / Pioneer’s Taiwanese linkshell, and also were a member of SlowMotion. The screenshot was dated back to April 2004… I mean LOL MAI MELEE RDM NO AF1 HAT LAWL. Good times.. 5 years ago…

Anyway, so lets see if Mai will freak Shamu out like I did to Shaya lol!

4 Responses to “Security Token & FFXI to RL”

  1. Calaera says:

    Ooooooohhhh! I am definitely getting one then! Will be great to have and be able to play on the ferry rides home or at work!

  2. Maiev says:

    I know haha… it’d really be my case too, play a little bit more because now I don’t have to worry about shit taken away :D

    It’s hard to really know what’s around the corner these days :3 even our blogs can be used to mine passwords (if not kept secure) x_x hehe

  3. Etain says:

    Even though I’m not playing these days, I’ll probably buy for when I wind up playing again. After having someone in my account once before, I’m a little paranoid. :3

    Amazingly, I haven’t bought an authenticator for my WoW account yet. I keep meaning to but then I go and buy things like $30 worth of makeup instead. XD

  4. Jesper says:

    If you get it, here are some good instructions for loading it to your FFXI account.

    I pulled this from my bookmarks. The page has some ads, but no big deal and the instructions are step by step. Pretty cool.


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