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Pimp Addon: FFXi UI Mod Installer

FFXI Mod Installer’s User Interface. Latest Cool Program from Aikar – Windower Developer This is like.. the coolest invention since sliced bread. Unlike the WoW’s Addon Installer, this one doesn’t install trash… at all. From my understanding, this is simply replacing your DAT files. So no, it doesn’t load any extra stuff onto your FFXI […]

Windower 3.4 Now Available

Windower 3.4 is about to be released :) Its great! Looking forward to it! Here’s a few things that I like :D Game Close Dialogue of Windower 3.4 Screenshot Hangup: When taking screenshots before 3.4, using the JPG or PNG options would often lead to a small hang-up while the screenshot was being saved. This […]

Useful Addons: Yarnball.

Buff Duration in WoW! What I admire about WoW when I started playing. When I started playing WoW, one of the greatest invention I thought was.. showing buff durations. I started WoW as a Mage and.. Mages are all about buffs. Not only buffs are sorted by “buffs” and “debuffs”, but its got durations on […]

< Quiet Calls >

Fukin Call1’s Mods: Quiet Calls Ever had crazy people in your Exp pt just blow the out of no where? It happens a lot in my Salvage groups cuz ppl fall asleep =_=” and you know what.. its 1am and I really don’t need my roommate to think that I’m hosting a soccer game in […]

Windower Plugin: SpellCast Lite

I type all my spells! I don’t know if you’re already using it or not, but I just started using it around 2 weeks ago and it rocks lol… thought I’d share it ^^ No more < t >, no more ” “. Its pretty handy for WHM or cross-ally curing imo! I personally type […]