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Fukin Call1’s

Mods: Quiet Calls

Ever had crazy people in your Exp pt just blow the out of no where? It happens a lot in my Salvage groups cuz ppl fall asleep =_=” and you know what.. its 1am and I really don’t need my roommate to think that I’m hosting a soccer game in my room with those .

I personally refrain from using calls… it gets that one person’s attention but irritates like 16 other people in the alliance. Anyway…

So here it is, Quiet Calls. What it basically does it, the author took the file, lowered the sound and put it back in. When FFXI plays the file, its much more “Quiet”+er

There’s a few versions too :D -5 (Quiet) -10 (Quieter) -15 (Even more Quiet) -20 (As Quiet as it can be) -1000000 (Completely shut up)

Same as Brandson’s UI, you dump them to a specific folder. For Quiet calls, it is
C:\Program Files\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\Final Fantasy XI\sound\win\se\se000\ [dump them all here]

Download it from:

As always, please scan all files. I take no responsibility of whatever happens by using these files.

Most of you might pick “Completely Shut off” but I don’t know if that’s a good idea, maybe the person that needed the call was you :D Just thought I’d give you a heads up~

the StarOnion’s 18 months Bday!

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18 months Brithday Statistics!

Oww one more thing, yesterday was my Blog’s 18 months Birthday xD ^^; Thanks for all those that enjoys my random blurbs xD. Not that I’m making a profit or what so ever but… it feels nice to know someone out there is enjoying the read / finding stuff useful.

Well usually its not 450 unique visits… yesterday had an article linked to bg so ‘.’ had a bit more clicks than usual. Regardless

Thanks guys/gurls :)

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