Windower Plugin: SpellCast Lite

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I type all my spells!

I don’t know if you’re already using it or not, but I just started using it around 2 weeks ago and it rocks lol… thought I’d share it ^^

No more < t >, no more ” “. Its pretty handy for WHM or cross-ally curing imo! I personally type a lot of my spells, since spell in FF takes 1-2 sec to cast and… that usually gives me enough time to type my next spell. But when I type fast, I could miss out capitals or… the ” “… so this plugin resolves it all.

The plugin will detect

/ma paralyna maiev
/ma thunder3
/ma cure3 calaera
/ma raise2 istari

This thing helps a great deal for those that isn’t normally a WHM, but /whm to help Cure status, or simply out of macro space and just prefer typing!

You can find that plugin here. (Windower Website)

2 Responses to “Windower Plugin: SpellCast Lite”

  1. Calaera says:

    Oh damn. o.o; I’ll probably get that, since its the most useful for me. Hahaha, and I feel loved. :3 I’m mentioned and featured!

  2. Maiev says:

    Haha, I always liked your banner xD so kinda glad I have a chance to use it :)) I hope you don’t mind hehehe!


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