Useful Addons: Yarnball.

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Buff Duration in WoW!

What I admire about WoW when I started playing.

When I started playing WoW, one of the greatest invention I thought was.. showing buff durations. I started WoW as a Mage and.. Mages are all about buffs. Not only buffs are sorted by “buffs” and “debuffs”, but its got durations on it.

Just imagine your Poison and Silence debuffs are all in second row, and all your “good buffs” are on the first row.. wouldn’t that just make life easier? Instead of stacking em all and… “oops, accidentally clicked off Protect”.

You can argue one way or the other… that WoW doesn’t requires skills since all these information are already “presented” to you but in my opinion… WoW is about how you use your “other” spells, but FFXi is simply about “how to be efficient”, if you ask me :D We spent quite a lot of time just to make efficient macros whlie WoW just throws it at you “Display Buff Duration“.

Yarnball Addon

Yarnball, Windower, Addon, FFXI

Yarnball in Action!

Anyway enough bashing! So now we can bring a portion of that WoW dream to FFXi through Yarnball!

Yarnball is a plugin that displays the duration of the buff in earth time before it expires.

Screenshot on the right shows an arrow that the spell gets pushed. The order of the spell is the order you cast it, not necessary the next spell that wears off (which I wish it was the other way around). There is another similar addon, which displays the buff duration right under the buff itself… but then how do you display others’ refresh? So I think Yarnball is the winner. Also, Yarnball knows how to “renew” the timer if you overwrite the buff before it wears off. The other one doesn’t so.. yea gogo Yarnball!

Yarnball also supports FOOD (it displays the time based on what you ate), songs, corsair buffs, refresh, even RERAISE!

Its also got a nice little feature call Chat Logging. Where you can record down chats. Not something new but hay, nice bundle.

Its pretty easy to use. When you click the addon, there’s a new icon that is next to your task bar :D (the bottom right of your screen, next to clock), then you just right click and start adjusting its options ^^

Credit goes to Shayx :) She introduce me to this addon ^^; (ah ha! no wonder she knows when buff wears off!)

But you know what… make sure you know how to do it manually before you rely on addons. Like for RDM, make sure you know what “Refresh Cycle” is before you use these things :) Don’t let these thing spoil you :) Else when the patch comes out and these addon breaks… then you’re fuked!

Does it makes you less skill?

IMO not really. I mean you can have all the plugins in the world and.. you -can- still suck because you the player, don’t cast the spell at all. Just like some WHM refuse to haste (thinking its a RDM job to do both refresh + haste). The addon is only as good as the player who knows how to utilize those information. So yea.. IMO yes, it might spoil some people but… hay… it makes the good ones even better, now that we can totally be efficient with MP (by not overwriting our 30sec remaining refresh with a new one) ^_^. I mean you can wait till it wears off to… recast.. but then you’re missing a few ticks of MP by then :)

Where to get it?

Like it? Go download it. Remember, scan all files before you run it.
Download from: Author’s Forum / StarOnion Server (in case that doesn’t work)

6 Responses to “Useful Addons: Yarnball.”

  1. Calaera says:

    That seems useful indeed. I am usually hawking the chat logs, but sometimes I over or under estimate when the buffs are going to die out. Especially as BRD when I’m totally freaking out over every little thing going on (I’m so paranoid… I can’t help but think I’m the worst player at times). o.o; I’ll probably try it out~

  2. Strawberrie says:

    This is an RDM’s dream come true! We are constantly casting things and it seems nearly impossible to remember who will need a re-applied buff without scouring the chat log to see who needs it (I have long annoying /echos to tell me who I’ve buffed earlier). I love this so much! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Todd says:

    Can you customize this to catch Debuffs/DoTs and the likes on mobs? Or at least an indicator of what has been applied to a mob? How annoying is it cast a debuff/dot when someone else already has and you just waste mana. In WoW, you can see all the effects on the target (including your party). It’d be great if this addon could do something similar, but kudos for at least showing party buffs. Which makes me think, can it track party DEBUFFS as well so you don’t get spammed with “Erase plz” “poisona plz”? Bahhh.. why can’t SE learn from Blizz?

  4. Shayx says:

    Yarnball can’t do debuffs… but Ragns does have a debuffs program called MsJans… can get it from same site very useful program also :D

  5. Maiev says:


    I don’t think it can do debuffs (wish it can)… and yea @ ur point, why can’t SE go learn the good stuff from WoW and bring it to life ._.

  6. Todd says:

    Thanks! I will try these out soon. I play FFXI *very* casually as I primarily do my T6 raiding in WoW. There’s just so much customizing in WoW I miss when I alternate between the two, thanks for helping out.

    Now, if only I could find a GOOD UI that can replace the craptastic mess we have to deal with. I have large widescreen monitor and the casting bar (which overlaps the macro palette) and the mob/party unitframes are TINY. I can never tell if that little pink MP is full or not. Is there such a UI mod like bongos or *anything* that’d make these more prominent?


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